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    Brake Hose Replacement

    Brake Hose Replacement

    What do brake hoses do? All cars have at least two brake hoses. These hoses are made out of rubber...

    Serpentine / Drive / Fan Belt Replacement

    What does the drive belt do? The drive belt (or serpentine belt) is a rubber belt located in your engine...


    Handbrake / Foot Parking Brake Cable Replacement

    What does the hand / parking brake cable do? To put things simply, the hand / parking brake cable connects...

    indicator light

    Indicator / Turn Signal / Hazard Lights – Inspection & Repairs

    Why are indicators important?   Indicators / turn signals are very important to your car’s safety. They allow other drivers...

    Battery Charging, Maintenance & Testing

    Battery Charging, Maintenance & Testing

    Car Battery Charging & Testing in Hamilton The battery provides your vehicle with the necessary energy to start the engine...

    Drive Belt Tensioner Replacement

    Drive Belt Tensioner Replacement

    What does the drive belt tensioner do? A drive belt is used to drive multiple parts of your car’s engine...


    Preparing your Car for a Summer Road Trip

    New Zealanders love road trips. Whether we’re taking trips to the beach or travelling the country with friends, our cars...


    Fresh Air not Coming from Vents – Inspection & Repair

    Are your air vents malfunctioning? Your vehicle’s ventilation system pushes air into the cabin of your vehicle. The temperature of...


    Causes of Strong Smell of Petrol in Car – Inspections & Repairs

    If your car smells like petrol while you are parked or driving, it can mean several different things. The smell...


    Fan Level Controls Not Working – Inspection & Repair

    An important part of your car’s ventilation system is the fan level controls. These controls allow you to adjust the intensity...

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