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    Car Servicing


    Reliable servicing for your car in Hamilton

    We recommend that you have your vehicle serviced every 10,000 km or once per year to keep it in running correctly and to prevent future problems.
    At Grimmer Motors we offer 3 levels of servicing to suit your needs, with our recommendations for each based on how long you intend to keep your vehicle (as below)

    Basic Service

    (recommended if selling vehicle within 3 months)

    Standard Service

    (recommended if selling vehicle within 12 months)

    Premium Service

    (recommended if you want to keep it more vehicle than 12 months)

    Petrol:   *from $269
    Euro:   *from $349
    Diesel:   *from $319

    1. Remove and replace engine oil

    2. Replace engine oil filter

    3. Check brake fluid levels, fill if necessary

    4. Check clutch fluid levels, fill if necessary

    5. Check power steering fluid levels, topping up if needed.

    6. Check and top up gearbox/auto transmission fluid level

    7. Check differential fluid level, topping up if needed.

    8. Top up windscreen wiper fluid, testing spray pattern

    9. Check antifreeze condition, refilling radiator if necessary.

    10. Perform a visual inspection of the cooling system including radiator, radiator cap and hoses

    11. Visually inspect the air filter

    12. Check the condition and tread depth of tyres, (including spare)

    13. Check and adjust the pressure of tyres (including spare)

    14. Check wiper blades and assess their performance

    15. Check windscreen for any noticeable damage

    16. Clean windscreen

    17. Check indicator lights, brake lights, reverse lights and number plate lights

    18. Reset service light/service interval where applicable (subject to data and tooling availability)

    19. Lubricate door hinges

    20. Check tension and condition of all belts (excluding the cambelt)

    21. Search for the last replacement date/mileage of the cambelt (if applicable)

    22. Visually inspect spark plugs, giving advice on their condition

    23. Check bonnet latch and catch for any rust damage

    24. Check drivers door opens and closes correctly

    25. Test horn

    26. Road test the vehicle up to 50km/hr

    27. Test battery condition, examine terminals and battery connections

    28. Check battery security and top up battery fluid (non-sealed units only)

    29. Inspect the exhaust system and mounts

    30. Visually inspect engine/transmission mounts

    31. Visually check turbo oil feed pipes for any leaks (if applicable)

    32. Visually check fuel filter (if reachable)

    33. Check the cabin air filter

    34. Check that all seat belts work correctly

    35. Check the electrical charging system

    36. Visually inspect high tension leads and components

    37. Visually inspect the steering rack

    38. Visually inspect the CV joints/boots

    39. Examine steering components for wear and damage

    40. Visually examine the suspension system for leaks, wear or corrosion

    41. Remove wheels and visually inspect brake pads and discs

    42. While wheels are removed, visually inspect the brake linings/wheel cylinders/drums for wear and damage

    43. Rotate tyres (if required)

    44. Check wheel bearings for any excessive noise

    45. Check handbrake/footbrake and adjust if needed

    46. Visually inspect spark plugs, giving advice on their condition

    47. Check air conditioning system


    *Price depends on the grade and how many liters of oil required, plus if there are any additional top-up fluids required


    Oil & Filter Only

    (not recommended)

    *The prices listed above may vary. Each price is an estimate based on:

    • A standard small sized (under 1500 cc) car engine
    • An engine that uses 3.5 liters of engine oil
    • The engine oil is 10/40 semi synthetic
    • An engine that uses a standard spin on (non cartridge) engine oil filter

    An increase in service price may apply if:

    • Your car’s engine is larger than 1500cc.
    • Your engine requires fully synthetic oil.
    • Your car requires manufacturer-specific parts such as filters, fluids and oil.

    If you are unsure, we recommend that you contact us for a price estimate based on your car’s make and model. This will prevent you from facing any unexpected price increases upon completion of your car’s service.


    Regular car servicing will greatly extend the life of your vehicle and improve its value. For reliable car services in Hamilton, visit Grimmer Motors. Our workshop is located on 998 Heaphy Terrace.