Exhaust and Muffler Repair

Does Your Car’s Exhaust Need Repairing?Exhaust

Modern vehicle exhausts last much longer than exhausts made back in the 1980’s and before. They also have
a range of added sensors and components designed to help reduce your car’s emissions.

For example, modern car exhausts often have at least two oxygen sensors, a catalytic converter, a catalytic converter temperature sensor and a range of exhaust mufflers.
If one of the Oxygen sensors, the catalytic converter, or a catalytic converter temperature sensor go out of range, this can bring the Check Engine Light or other warning lights up on your car’s dash.

In this case, our highly skilled, trained and qualified mechanics can use our state of the art scan tool technology to read the trouble codes and live data from your exhaust sensors.

Grimmer Motors – Advanced Exhaust Services in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we currently offer the following exhaust-related services and repairs.

  • Exhaust replacement.
  • Muffler replacement.
  • Exhaust welding.
  • Repair/replacement of exhaust sensors such as:
    • The catalytic temperature sensor.
    • The oxygen sensor.
  • Catalytic converter repair and replacement.
  • Testing for blocked exhausts.
  • Testing for exhaust leaks.
  • Exhaust gasket replacement.

Common Symptoms of a Damaged Exhaust or Muffler

If your car is displaying any of the following symptoms, it is probably in need of exhaust repair:

  • Your vehicle is louder than usual.
  • You can hear rattling noises through the exhaust system.
  • Your vehicle is using more fuel.
  • The Check Engine light is on.
  • When you can smell oil or fuel while inside the car – the exhaust could have a dangerous carbon monoxide leak and should be fixed immediately.

Grimmer Motors is able to efficiently service your vehicle, removing all of these symptoms. This allows for you to have complete peace of mind while driving.

Advanced Diagnostics, Tailored to Your Car

Our automotive technicians can also use our unique cloud-based technology to compare the live data from your exhaust system’s sensors to hundreds of other recorded cars exhaust sensors of the same type, to determine if yours are normal or abnormal, and give you a print out of the results.

To get the right people working on your exhaust system, call us now, or visit our garage on 998 Heaphy Terrace, Hamilton.


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