Automatic Transmission Servicing

Auto Transmission Fluid Replacement & Servicing in Hamilton.

In order to cool, clean, and lubricate your car’s automatic transmission, you need to have regular transmission servicing including changing your automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and filter.

Without regular servicing, your transmission fluid quality and volume can be decreased over time, leading to decreased hydraulic pressure and a malfunctioning transmission.

Grimmer Motors offers advanced auto transmission replacement and servicing. We specialise in diagnostic testing, meaning we are able to quickly diagnose and fix transmission-related problems in all types of vehicles. Generally, we’ll try to diagnose the problem first before we give you a price estimate. In many cases, it is often more cost-efficient to replace components like the gearbox, rather than repairing internal parts.

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The Benefits of an Automatic Transmission Service.

There is a range of benefits that come with servicing your car’s Automatic Transmission:

  • Regular servicing can significantly extend the life of your automatic transmission by ensuring your transmission fluid is always clean, able to flow correctly, and free of contaminants.
  • You will usually see an improvement in gear shifting (smoother / quieter shifts)
  • Reduces internal wear which can lead to slipping and the transmission overheating


When to replace automatic transmission fluid?

Replacing the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is an important part of maintaining your car’s transmission system. The frequency of ATF replacement varies depending on the make and model of your car, as well as your driving habits and the conditions in which you drive.

Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Check your car’s owner’s manual: The manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule will usually include a recommendation for when to replace the ATF. Follow these guidelines as closely as possible to ensure that your car’s transmission system remains in good condition.
  • Check the color and smell of the ATF: In general, ATF should be pink or red in color and have a slightly sweet smell. If the fluid is brown, black, or has a burnt smell, it’s time to replace it.
  • Check the level of the ATF: Check the fluid level regularly to ensure that it is at the proper level. If the level is low, top it up with the recommended type of ATF. If you find yourself topping up the fluid frequently, it could be a sign of a leak or other problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Do you do lots of towing? – If you do a lot of towing or other heavy-duty driving, you may need to replace the ATF more frequently than someone who primarily drives in normal conditions. This is because of the strain towing puts on your transmission system over time.

Auto Transmission Flush & Servicing Hamilton

Conveniently located in Fairfield, Grimmer Motors have been providing exceptional service to Hamilton since the company was established in 1934. When you receive transmission-related fixes and services through Grimmer Motors, you can trust our fully qualified mechanics to safely and efficiently service your vehicle, advising you before further repair work is conducted.

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The team at Grimmer Motors are very friendly and have awesome customer service. My car needed scan as flashing light on dash. The problem was identified , easy to ... understand explanation given and quote for fix provided. Thanks team.

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Awesome service. They communicated really well with me about what was going on and then fixed a few extras on the same day I took my van in. A great place.

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