Airbag Light On


What Does the Airbag Light Mean?

All modern cars now have multiple Airbags or Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS). These Airbags are now
standard features for drivers and passengers, and are in the drivers steering wheel, dash, pillars and else where.

Airbag warning light icons

Airbag warning light examples

Airbags are controlled by an Airbag Electronic Control Unit (Airbag ECU) sometimes called an Airbag Computer. The Airbag Computer must monitor many electronic sensors and actuators within your car in order to know when to deploy the Airbag in the event of an accident / crash.

Some of the key Airbag sensors and actuators are:

    • Air bag module (with an inflator or gas generator and the actual air bag),
    • Crash sensors / gravity or G sesnors
    • Airbag Electronic Control Unit (Airbag ECU) / Airbag Computer
    • Clock spring steering wheel connecting coil,
    • Airbag warning / indicator light
    • Electrical wiring harness (usually colored yellow to indicate wiring for Airbags)

As the Airbag / SRS system is a critical safety feature of your vehicle, then if your Airbag light is on at Warrant of Fitness (WoF) inspection time, then your car will fail a WoF.

Airbag Light Diagnosis and Repairs

We have come across many common causes of Airbag / SRS lights on. These include bad connections often under the front seats from corrosion, items being put under the seats which damage the connectors, and poor electrical contacts. We also see many faults where the clock spring in the steering wheel has an intermittent connection.

At Grimmer Motors our experienced, fully trained and qualified mechanics combined with the latest state of the art scan tools can quickly and cost effectively diagnose and repair any Airbag / SRS faults. This means you get complete peace knowing your car is safe to drive for you and your passengers / family.

Call us now to book in your Airbag / SRS scan for the light on your dash.

Please Note: Electronic Tests depend on the vehicle technology and may not be possible on some vehicles.


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