Tyre Servicing, Replacement & Puncture Repair

Reliable Tyre Servicing in Hamilton

Do you have a flat or punctured tyre? Do your wheels need balancing? Come into Grimmer Motors today and have your tyres serviced by our trained team of mechanics.

Driving with a flat or worn tyre is dangerous, and can lead to decreased control over the vehicle. That’s why it’s important you get the problem fixed quickly.

We are able to quickly change your tyres for you, regardless of the make and model of your vehicle. This means that your car will be driving safely again, sooner rather than later. If your tyre has a repairable puncture, our team will fix this for you, saving you from having to buy a new tyre.

We offer the following tyre-related services:

  • Tyre Replacement
  • Puncture Repair
  • Wheel Balancing

Are Your Car’s Tyres in Need of Replacement?

Over time, tyres become worn and lose their tread. This makes the vehicle slippery and dangerous to drive. The minimum legal tread depth for tyres in New Zealand is 1.5 mm. This ensures that your vehicle isn’t a safety hazard and is able to come to a stop when it needs to. If your vehicle becomes slippery or difficult to drive, it is strongly recommended that you check the tread depth on each tyre.

A flat/punctured tyre can be caused by driving over objects such as nails, sharp rocks or broken glass. You may have a flat tyre if:

  • Your vehicle suddenly becomes difficult to steer
  • Your vehicle steers to the left or right as if it is being pulled in that direction
  • Your vehicle suddenly swerves to the left or right. (usually caused by a blowout)

In this situation, it is best to immediately pull over and turn your hazard lights on.


Signs your tyre is punctured and needs repair:

  1. Tyre is visibly flat: If you can visually see damage to the tyre, such as a puncture or tear, it is likely that you have a flat tyre.
  2. Thumping or thudding noise: If you hear a thumping or thudding noise coming from your vehicle, it could be a sign of a flat tyre. This sound is usually caused by the tyre hitting the pavement as it rotates.
  3. Difficulty steering: A flat tyre can cause difficulty steering, especially if the tyre is completely deflated. You may notice that your vehicle pulls to one side or the steering wheel feels heavy and difficult to turn.
  4. Vibrations or shaking: If you feel vibrations or shaking in the steering wheel or throughout the vehicle, it could be a sign of a flat tyre. This is typically caused by the uneven distribution of weight on the remaining tyres.
  5. Low tyre pressure warning: If your vehicle is equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system, a flat tyre can trigger a warning light on the dashboard.


Conveniently located in Fairfield, Grimmer Motors have been providing quality service since the company was established in 1934. When you receive wheel balancing and tyre-related servicing through Grimmer Motors, you can trust our fully qualified mechanics to safely and efficiently service your vehicle, advising you before further repair work is conducted.


Live/work in any of the following areas? Grimmer Motors could be extra convenient for you.

  • Fairfield
  • Fairview Downs
  • Enderly
  • Claudelands
  • Peachgrove
  • Hamilton East
  • Chartwell
  • Chedworth
  • Central Hamilton
  • Forest Lake, Beerescourt
  • Frankton
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Paul Johns

Booked the ol' Fuga in for a service this week. I dropped it off early to take advantage of the free clean and asked if I could have it ready at 3 pm. The service went well and they... pointed out things that would need attention in the future. I like the introduction of the vehicle service and repair log book. Which has all my previous services and fix ups recorded in it. And the Fuga was freshly cleaned and ready at 3pm, like they said. Thanks Team

Cinn Thornton

The team at Grimmer Motors are very friendly and have awesome customer service. My car needed scan as flashing light on dash. The problem was identified , easy to ... understand explanation given and quote for fix provided. Thanks team.

Pip Six

Awesome service. They communicated really well with me about what was going on and then fixed a few extras on the same day I took my van in. A great place.

Lincoln Fernandes

Fast easy reliable and much cheaper compared to dealerships

Hamish O'neill

Great customer service, good communication and works done on time. Thanks Grimmers

Sarah Bowers

Love leaving our car(s) in the friendly and capable hands at Grimmer Motors. Everything from drop off, reception, communication and the work done is of a high standard... and much apprecaited. Another happy customer - thanks Grimmers.