Engine Tune Ups


Advanced Engine Tuning for your Car in Hamilton

Engine Tune Up

Vehicle tune-ups have changed over time, with the modern engine requiring a different approach to previous generations of engines. There is not much to adjust on a modern engine as everything is now computer controlled.

The main things to be considered these days for a modern engine tune up is the replacement of spark plugs, cleaning or replacement of the air filter, cleaning of dirt and carbon from the throttle body, checking and replacement of fuel filters, and most importantly of all checking the fault codes and live data to determine if all the sensors and actuators in the engine are working correctly.

Some of the critical components of any engine that often deteriorate over time are the:

  • Mass Air Flow Meter (MAF)
  • Throttle Position Sensors (TPS)
  • Idle Air Control Valves (IACV)
  • Oxygen Sensors (02 sensors)
  • Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve (PCV Valve)

Detailed Diagnostics of your Vehicle’s Engine

At Grimmer Motors we use UNIQUE in-house developed, state of the art technology to “scan” your vehicle for fault codes and live data. We do this EVERY TIME you spend more than $49 on vehicle servicing, WOF or vehicle repair.

The exciting part of this for you is that it means your vehicle’s “State of Tune” is recorded into our cloud database every time your car is worked on at Grimmer Motors.

By monitoring your engines “State of Tune” we can alert you straight away if we see any deterioration that could lead to:

  • Pending breakdown conditions
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Excessive exhaust emissions
  • Damage to engine and exhaust components

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