Why is your car’s brake pedal hard?Hard brake pedal repairs Hamilton

Does your car’s brake pedal require more force to push? A hard, stiff or stubborn brake pedal generally relates to a problem with one of several components in your braking system. The main reason a hard brake pedal occurs is because the brake booster is not working correctly. The brake booster increases the force applied to the brakes, making it easier for your car to stop. Without it, the brakes will require more pressure from the driver to work.

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A hard brake pedal should be fixed as soon as possible in order to keep you safe. This is because it can increase the amount of time taken for your car to In emergencies where you quickly need to stop, a correctly working brake system can make all the difference.


What can cause a hard brake pedal?

Below are some of the most common causes associated with a hard or stiff brake pedal:

  • Brake booster vacuum leak – The brake booster uses the vacuum from the engine to amplify the force applied to the brake pedal. This allows for smoother, quicker braking. Sometimes, the seals around brake components can fail, or other parts can come loose or leak. This leads to a lack of vacuum power. The result is a significant decrease in braking power and increased stopping distance.
  • Defective brake booster valve – The brake booster check valve is essential to the brake booster operating properly. Its role is to hold the vacuum within the brake booster. Like all valves, it will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. When it does wear out, you will begin to notice reduced power braking and a hard brake pedal.
  • Sludge build up in brake system – Due to the way brake fluid absorbs water, sludge can build up in the braking system. This can lead to difficulty braking. To avoid issues like this, your brake fluid should be routinely replaced according to your car’s maintenance schedule.

Is it safe to drive with a hard brake pedal?

Driving with increased brake resistance can be dangerous. This is because your car will take an increased amount of time to slow down or come to a stop. We’ve all been in a situation where we suddenly need to come to a stop to avoid an accident. This is where power braking significantly improves your car’s safety.

It should also be noted that drivers who are not used to driving with a hard brake pedal are the most at risk. This is because they may incorrectly estimate the time needed to stop.


Hard Brake Pedal Inspection, Adjustment and Replacement in Hamilton

Has your brake pedal been requiring more force to work correctly? If so, we can help you quickly fix the problem. Our skilled mechanics can inspect your brake system for common issues related to a hard brake pedal, such as issues with the vacuum system. From there, we can provide expert services to make your car safer and more responsive to drive.

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