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The brake shoes are important parts of a drum braking system which help your car to slow down when the brake pedal is applied.

The brake shoe is covered in a lining, which is glued to the shoe. When the brakes are applied, the brake lining is pressed against the inside of the brake drum. The friction between the brake lining and the brake drum creates braking power, causing the vehicle to slow down.

Most modern cars (from 1999 on wards) use disc brakes instead of drum brakes. This means that there is no brake shoe. However, some vehicles will incorporate drum braking into the rear wheels.

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How long do brake shoes last?

Brake shoes are designed to last for at least 50,000 km of use. After 50,000 km, they should be inspected by a mechanic for signs of wear. If the brake drums are damaged or warped, they can cause accelerated wear on the brake shoes. This can result in them needing to be replaced very quickly (alongside the brake drum).

To maximise the lifespan of your brake shoes, be sure to do the following:

  • Brake smoothly and gradually bring your car to a stop. Avoid sudden brake use when possible.
  • Be sure to replace the brake drums and other components when they are due for a change, otherwise your brake shoe may have exposed metal parts that rub on the brake drum damaging it. if this happens you may need to replace your brake shoes and brake drums, costing you more money.


Signs and symptoms of worn brake shoes:

  • Loud noises when braking – A worn or damaged brake shoe can produce a loud scraping noise when the brakes are applied due to metal on metal contact. This noise may increase in volume when you are braking on a hill or applying the brakes at a high speed.
  • Loose parking brake – A loose parking brake can be caused by worn or dusty brake shoes. The parking brake depends on the shoe to apply pressure to the drum and keep the car in one place. If the brake shoe is worn, it may not be able to provide this pressure correctly and may make it difficult to adjust the handbrake cable correctly.
  • Brake vibrations – As well as loud noises, you may also notice vibrations when the brakes are applied. These vibrations can be felt mostly through the brake pedal.
  • Increased stopping distance – As the problem worsens, your brakes may not perform as well as they should. This can lead to it taking much longer for your car to come to a stop. An increased stopping distance is a sign that you should have your brakes serviced immediately, as it increases the risk of accidents while driving.


New brake shoe installation and replacement in Hamilton

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