Have you failed your WOF due to seat belt fraying?

Over 40,000 vehicle fail their Warrant of Fitness each year

Car seat belts Hamilton

A torn seat belt following an accident.

in New Zealand due to fraying of the seatbelt. This is when the material becomes weakened or loose, resulting in reduced effectiveness in a crash or accident.

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Since modern seat belts include sensors, tensioners and other advanced safety technology, it has become a lot more expensive to replace them. At Grimmer Motors, we can organise a re-webbing service for your frayed or damaged seat belt webbing. This means that you won’t need to replace the entire seat belt assembly.


How can a frayed seat belt affect your safety?

Seat belts are made out of a special material which is designed to keep drivers/passengers safe under extreme forces. Worn, frayed or damaged seat belts can be unsafe. This means that you at a higher risk if an accident occurs. Think about a seat belt like a T-shirt or other clothing item. A minor tear may not be noticeable at first. However, the small tear can easily turn into a large tear

When a seat belt becomes frayed, it can lose up to 60 percent of its strength. This means that in a crash, it is more likely to snap or come loose. For this reason, we recommend that you replace/fix a frayed seat belt as soon as you notice it, rather than waiting for your next Warrant of Fitness. Seat belts are examined during a safety check to ensure they are safe.


Advantages of rewebbing over replacement:

  • Rewebbing can save you money – With some new replacement seat belts costing over $800 + installation, replacement of a frayed seat belt can quickly become expensive. In most cases, rewebbing a frayed seat belt is the most cost-effective option and is generally better than second hand safety belt options.
  • Avoid having to find the correct part – It can often be time-consuming ringing multiple wreckers to see if they have the correct part. Unfortunately, this is sometimes the only option for older model vehicles. Rewebbing a seat belt is often an easier process, and no new parts have to be ordered from overseas.
  • Peace of mind – Since seatbelts / safety belts are safety items, you need to know you can trust them if you are involved in an accident. Having your seat belt / safety belt re-webbed to Warrant of Fitness (WOF) compliance standards gives you that peace of mind, as you never quite know the true condition of a second hand safety belt.


Frayed/Damaged Seat Belt Repairs in Hamilton

Is your seat belt in need of a repair due to damaged webbing or tears? If so, we can help you!

At Grimmer Motors, our team of mechanics can organise a rewebbing service for your damaged seat belt. This will significantly improve safety, as well as allow you to pass your Warrant of Fitness.

For seat belt repairs and rewebbing services organised in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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