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    Car handbrake

    Handbrake / Foot Brake Repair & Replacement

    What is a parking brake control? Every vehicle has a parking brake control. A parking brake control is a lever...


    Faded / Broken Tail Light Repair / Replacement in Hamilton

    Why are the tail / parking lights important? When your car’s headlights are turned on, the tail lights (or parking...


    Brake Pedal Pulsing – Inspection & Repair Hamilton

    Why is my brake pedal pulsing? You may notice that when you use your car’s brake pedal, you feel a...


    Brake Pedal Hard to Push Down – Inspection & Repairs Hamilton

    Why is the brake pedal hard to push? Sometimes the brake pedal can become hard to move, meaning the driver...


    Noisy, Grinding, Squealing Brakes – Inspection & Repair Hamilton

    About noisy brakes Brake noises can be irritating and sometimes embarrassing, but they can also alert you to problems in...


    Brake Specialists Hamilton

    What parts of your brakes need servicing? Brake fluid – Brake fluid plays a very important role in your braking system....


    ABS Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Repair in Hamilton

    What is an ABS Computer / ECU? The ABS ECU ( ABS control module or ABS computer) is a small...


    ABS Pump Motor Repair / Replacement in Hamilton

    What does the ABS pump motor do? The anti-lock braking system is a safety mechanism in most vehicles. It allows...


    Proportioning / Combination Valve Repair & Replacement Hamilton

    What does the proportioning valve do? The proportional valve (or combination valve) is an important part of some ABS/braking systems....

    Pull parking brake

    Parking Brake Cable Repair & Replacement

    What does the parking brake cable do? Located underneath your vehicle, the parking brake cable is what connects the handbrake/footbrake...

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