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    Brake Disc Rotor Skimming or Replacement

    What does the brake disc rotor do? The brake disc rotor is a slim metal disc attached to your car’s...


    Parking Brake / Hand Brake Shoe / Pads Replacement

    What does the parking brake shoe / pads do? The parking brake shoe or pad is an important component that...


    Brake Shoe Replacement

    What does the brake shoe do? The brake shoe is a braking component that is only found in vehicles with...


    Brake Fluid Replacement & Flushing

    What is the purpose of a brake fluid flush? Brake fluid is important to your vehicle’s braking system. It transmits...


    Vacuum Brake Booster Repair / Replacement

    What does the brake booster do? The brake booster is a component that enhances the hydraulic effects of a vehicle’s...


    Brake Wheel Cylinder Repair & Replacement

    What does a brake wheel cylinder do? Brake wheel cylinders are important components in drum braking systems. They are mostly found in...

    Brake fluid switch external wires

    ABS Brake Fluid Level Sensor / Switch Replacement

    What does the ABS Brake Fluid Sensor / Switch do? The ABS (or Anti-lock Braking System) is a safety feature...


    ABS Relay Repair & Replacement

    What does the ABS relay do?   The ABS relay is an important part of the ABS (anti-lock braking) system. It...


    Brake Caliper Replacement

    What does the brake caliper do? The brake caliper is part of the disc braking system on most vehicles. The...


    Brake Drum Replacement

    What does the brake drum do? The brake drum a metal cylinder that is usually attached to the rear wheels....

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