Why is the brake pedal sitting lower?Low brake pedal repairs Hamilton

Over time, your car’s brake pedal may begin to sit at a lower position than normal. Sometimes, this happens so slowly that the driver doesn’t even notice. However, a low brake pedal can lead to a car failing its Warrant of Fitness.

It is important that there is a certain distance between the brake pedal and the floor of the car. This allows for the effective application of the brake pedal causing your car to slow down and come to a stop.

There are several different things that can cause your brake pedal to sit lower than normal. These include:

  • Rear brake drums in need of adjustment – Although most modern cars use brake pads and rotors on the front wheels, a lot of vehicles will use brake drums to control the rear wheels. Over time, the distance between the brake drums and shoes will increase. As a result, this distance will be transferred to the brake pedal, causing it to sit lower than normal.
  • Air in the brake fluid – Brake fluid is incompressible. This gives it the hydraulic properties needed to keep your brakes working correctly. Sometimes air can find its way into the brake lines and create air bubbles in the brake fluid, which are compressible. The result is a loss of pressure, which causes the brake pedal to sit lower.
  • Brake fluid contaminated by rust – As parts of your braking system such as the brake lines wear, rust can find its way into the braking system. This affects the brake fluid’s ability to create hydraulic pressure, resulting in the pedal sitting lower than normal.
  • Brake Master Cylinder Seals Bypassing – if the seals in the brake master cylinder are failing and allowing brake fluid to bypass around them, then you may notice that your foot slowly sinks closer to the floor of the car when you apply pressure to the brake pedal.


Is it safe to drive with a low brake pedal?

Driving with a low brake pedal can affect your vehicle’s overall safety and reduce the control you have over your braking system. Eventually, a brake pedal can sink to the floor, making it impossible to stop your vehicle. For this reason, it is best to get the problem fixed as soon as you notice any issue and before this happens.


Brake Pedal Inspection, Diagnostics & Servicing in Hamilton

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