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Brake Caliper Replacement

What does the brake caliper do? The brake caliper is part of the disc braking system on most vehicles. The...


Brake Drum Replacement

What does the brake drum do? The brake drum a metal cylinder that is usually attached to the rear wheels....


Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

What does the brake master cylinder do? The brake master cylinder holds the brake fluid when it is not being...


Uber Prius Taxi Service and Repair

Looking after your Uber Hybrid vehicle If you drive with Uber, you will need to be able to count on...


Suspension / Shock Absorber Bushing Repair

What is the purpose of the suspension bushing? Suspension bushings (also known as shock absorber bushings) are mounted on your...


Leaking Shock Absorber Repair / Replacement

What causes a shock absorber leak? In order to understand the causes of a shock absorber leak, it is important...


Engine Mount Repair & Replacement

What do engine mounts do? Engines have many moving parts and can weigh hundreds of kilograms. The moving parts create...


Brake Imbalance – Repair and Replacement

What is a brake imbalance? When you are braking, each brake should apply the same amount of force. This allows...


Sway Bar Bushing Repair / Replacement

What is the purpose of sway bar bushing? Located underneath your vehicle, the sway bar bushings are an important part...


Ball Joint Repair & Replacement Hamilton

What do ball joints do? Ball joints are small steel balls coated in a lubricated metal housing. The ball joints...

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