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    Handbrake Lever

    Handbrake / Foot Parking Brake Cable Replacement

    What does the hand/parking brake cable do? To put things simply, the hand/parking brake cable connects your hand/parking brake to...

    indicator light

    Indicator / Turn Signal / Hazard Lights – Inspection & Repairs

    Why are indicators important?   Indicators / turn signals are very important to your car’s safety. They allow other drivers...

    Battery Charging, Maintenance & Testing

    Battery Charging, Maintenance & Testing

    Car Battery Charging & Testing in Hamilton The battery provides your vehicle with the necessary energy to start the engine...


    Drive Belt Tensioner Replacement

    What does the drive belt tensioner do? A drive belt is used to drive multiple parts of your car’s engine...


    Preparing your Car for a Summer Road Trip

    New Zealanders love road trips. Whether we’re taking trips to the beach or travelling the country with friends, our cars...


    Fresh Air not Coming from Vents – Inspection & Repair

    Are your air vents malfunctioning? Your vehicle’s ventilation system pushes air into the cabin of your vehicle. The temperature of...


    Causes of Strong Smell of Petrol in Car – Inspections & Repairs

    If your car smells like petrol while you are parked or driving, it can mean several different things. The smell...


    Fan Level Controls Not Working – Inspection & Repair

    An important part of your car’s ventilation system is the fan level controls. These controls allow you to adjust the intensity...

    Open car doors

    Anti-Static Strap – Avoid Electric Shocks when Exiting your Car

    Avoid Electric Shocks from your Car Do you receive a shock every time you exit your vehicle? These electric shocks...


    Wipers Leaving Marks on Windscreen – Inspection & Repair

    There’s nothing more annoying than windscreen wipers that leave marks and smears all over your windscreen. The marks on your...

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