How much does a brake repair cost?

Your car’s braking system consists of several important parts. These components work together to slow down your car when the brakes are applied. Due to the number of different parts, it is often difficult to give an accurate repair estimate before inspecting the vehicle first. For this reason, we offer our customers a free 10-minute brake inspection!

Brake repairs vary in difficulty. For example, resurfacing a brake disc requires a completely different procedure to something a little more simple, such as replacing a brake pad. Generally, the brake pads are the most common brake repair, as well as the cheapest service. However, your brake discs, calipers and hoses may eventually need replacement, especially if you drive a higher-mileage vehicle.


Reducing your brake repair costs:

Incorrect brake use can lead to corrosion, which shortens brake life.

Incorrect brake use can lead to corrosion, which shortens brake life.

The best way to reduce your car’s brake servicing costs is to take care of the braking system. This maximises the lifespan of the brake pads and other parts, meaning you don’t need to have them replaced as often. Follow these tips to increase the life of your car’s braking system:

  • Don’t brake aggressively – Your driving habits play a massive part in determining how long your brakes will last. To keep them in good condition, brake smoothly rather than suddenly.
  • Avoid “pumping” the brakes – If possible, avoid pumping your brakes as this can cause excess heat and friction. When you are in traffic, try to avoid speeding up if you know you will have to slow down very soon.
  • Replace your brake fluid every two years –  Your brake fluid is responsible for lubricating the brake system. This helps it to operate smoothly. It is best to flush your brake fluid once every two years. This keeps your brakes operating correctly without high levels of heat.


Signs that your car may need a brake repair:

  • Your car is taking longer to stop than it should.
  • You hear squeaking or grinding noises when you use your car’s brakes
  • Your car is vibrating when the brakes are applied
  • Your car is pulling to one side while braking
  • Burning smell coming from your brakes

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Get a free brake repair estimate for your car:

Bring your car into Grimmer Motors for a free, no-obligation 10-minute pre check. One of our skilled mechanics will be able to quickly assess the source of your brake problems and provide you with great, honest information on how the problem could affect your car and what the next steps are. From there, you can decide if you want to proceed with a repair or not.

At Grimmer Motors, we have a no-surprises policy. This means that we believe that you should know how much a repair is going to cost before you agree. This means that throughout every step of the repair process, you will remain informed about what is being done.

For quality, safe brake repair services and price estimates in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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