Why is your car vibrating when the brakes are applied?

Car shaking while braking

A vibrating steering wheel can be caused by problems with your brakes, tyres or suspension.

Vibrations are a common reason for concern when it comes to driving. This is because it usually indicates that a part is loose or not functioning properly. If your car vibrates when the brakes are applied, it is easy to assume that the problem is caused by part of your braking system. However, there are several other things which can cause your car to vibrate. Brake vibrations can be dangerous because they limit the control you have over your car while it is braking.

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Common causes of vibration when braking:

Tyres in need of air or replacement

Tyre problems are the most common cause of a car vibrating when the brakes are applied. When one or more tyres lose weight and size, it will affects the distribution of your vehicle’s weight, causing it to lean. When going high speeds or braking, this can result in shaking which can be felt through the steering wheel. When this happens, check the condition, tread depth and air in your tyres.
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Suspension joints in need of replacement

Over time, the suspension joints will become worn. This can lead to excessive shaking when the brakes are applied. You may also notice a loud, low-pitched noise or rattle coming from your brakes when this happens. To keep your car safe, the suspension joints (such as steering rod ends and ball joints) will be checked at every Warrant of Fitness ans will need to be replaced if they fail.
Steering & Suspension Repairs in Hamilton

Brake rotors/discs in need of replacement or resurfacing

The brake rotor is a metal disc which spins rapidly. The brake pads apply friction to it, causing your car to slow down. If the brake rotors become damaged, warped or unevenly worn, they may need to be replaced or resurfaced.
Brake rotor replacement in Hamilton

Bad wheel bearings

The purpose of wheel bearings is to help the wheels spin with as little friction as possible. Over time, the wheel bearings will lose effectiveness, resulting in movement  and vibrations coming from the wheels.
New wheel bearings in Hamilton

Brake caliper stuck or damaged

The brake caliper is the mechanism which squeezes the brake pads against the rotor when the brakes are applied. If it becomes stuck or damaged, your car will have issues when it comes to braking. This includes vibrations, loud noises and pulling to one side.


Car Brake & Wheel Diagnostics & Part Replacement in Hamilton

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