About the windshield washer jets:

The windshield washer jets are a set of nozzles located a the front of your car windscreen / wind shield. Their job is to spray a cleaning solution that is stored in the washer fluid reservoir onto the windscreen. This water squirting or spray of water in combination with the windscreen wipers allows the driver to easily remove dirt and debris from their windscreen.

In order for the washer jets to work correctly, they must be aligned in a way where the windshield washing fluid is able to hit the windscreen. Over time, the jets can be knocked out of place or become clogged with dirt or other debris. When this happens, they will need to be readjusted and the blockage removed.


Causes of problems in the windshield washer jets:

  • Debris stuck in jets – The washer jets are constantly exposed to dirt, leaves, sand and other contaminants. This can eventually lead to them becoming clogged and not working properly.
  • Jets knocked out of position – People accidentally moving the windscreen washer jets or large objects such as stones can knock washer jets out of position. This can cause them to spray in the wrong direction.
  • Wear over time – The tension or fastener that keeps the jets in place can lose its effectiveness. This can cause the washer jets to come loose.
  • Damage to the washer fluid reservoir – The washer fluid reservoir holds washer fluid. If it becomes damaged, it can leak. The result of this is a lack of windscreen washer fluid.
  • Damaged washer pump – Sometimes, the windscreen washer fluid pump that sends fluid to the nozzles can fail. This can result in the washer fluid not being able to reach the windscreen due to low or no pressure.
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How to tell if your washer jets need adjusting or cleaning:

The main symptoms of washer jets in need of adjustment or repair is a lack of washer fluid reaching the windscreen. This can be caused by the nozzles squirting windshield washer fluid in the wrong direction or a lack of fluid exiting the nozzles.

TIP – it always pays to have a windshield washer fluid additive to the water in your windshield washer fluid reservoir. Please don’t use dish washing liquid or other soaps that could damage the windscreen washer pump motors seals and piping. Using the correct additive is important so that your windscreen wipers can more effectively clean your windscreen without squeaking noises, or smearing dead bugs or bird poo marks across your windscreen, making it harder to see.  Your local mechanics should put additive in for you as part of your regular car servicing program.


Windscreen Washer Jet Adjustment & Servicing in Hamilton

Being unable to clear your windscreen can be inconvenient as well as unsafe in some situations. This is because it limits your vision of the road. Repairing or readjusting the washer jets will allow them to work effectively.

At Grimmer Motors, our team of skilled mechanics can quickly fix your car’s washer jets for you. Most of the time, the jets will only need to be readjusted. However, we can also remove any debris that are blocking the jets or we can repair a damaged washer fluid reservoir. We will also add the correct

For windscreen washer jet adjustment and repairs in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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