What does the windshield washer pump do?

A clean windscreen improves your view of the road in front of you, increasing safety and helping you drive confidently in all sorts of conditions. 

The role of the windshield washer pump is to move fluid from the wiper fluid reservoir, through the washer jets and onto the windscreen. This allows the windshield wipers to effectively remove grime, mud and other debris from the windscreen when the washer jets/nozzles are activated. 


Causes of a failing windshield washer pump:

Overheating due to little/no fluid – In some cases, the windshield washer pump can sustain damage due to an empty fluid reservoir. This is because the fluid acts as a coolant for the pump, and without its cooling properties, the pump can be prone to overheating. To avoid this, be sure to regularly top up your wiper fluid.

Wear over time – Like all components, the windshield washer pump can be subject to wear over long periods of time. Eventually, the windshield washer pump may break, fail or start to leak. In this case, you will need a new windshield washer pump.

Blocked windshield washer pump – if dirt or grit enter the windshield washer pump fluid reservoir then the windshield washer pump can suck this dirt and grit into itself and block it. Sometimes a blocked windshield washer pump can be cleaned out with compressed air.

Blown fuse – Like other electrical components, the washer pump is powered by a fuse. Be sure to check if the fuse is blown.

Incorrect fluid – Using the wrong type of fluid can affect the windshield washer pump’s ability to distribute fluid. Using water instead of washer fluid can lead to freezing on cold days, which can block, split and damage the pump/piping. Water also doesn’t clean the windshield as effectively as washer fluid.
It should also be noted that household glass cleaners such as ammonia can leave marks on your car’s windshield, as well as damage the surrounding paint job.

Damage to tubes – The windshield washer pump connects to several tubes that lead to the spray nozzles. If any of these tubes become cracked or loose, washer fluid can leak and cause problems with the pump.


Symptoms of a broken windshield washer pump:

No fluid coming from washer jets – A leak, blockage, or malfunctioning pump may result in fluid not being able to reach the washer jets. 

Pump not producing sound – The windshield washer pump makes a distinctive noise whirring motor sound when it is activated. If no fluid sprays onto your windscreen and you don’t hear the pump, the pump has either failed or is not receiving electrical current.

Low pressure – Fluid may still spray onto your windscreen, but with very low pressure. This can be caused by a windshield washer pump beginning to wear out or being partially blocked.


New Windshield Washer Pumps in Hamilton

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