What does a vibrating brake pedal mean?

There are many different things that can cause your car to shake or vibrate. However, vibrations that can be felt in the brake pedal will often point towards a problem in one of your car’s braking or suspension components.

Brake problems may often go unnoticed for long periods of time. This is because they are not (yet) causing a drastic increase in stopping distance. However, as brake components deteriorate, they can cause you to have difficulty bringing your car to a stop. This can affect the overall safety of your vehicle. Fortunately, worn parts such as the brake rotors, pads or discs are usually easy to diagnose and fix. This means that you can get your car running safely in no time.

It should also be noted that although the brakes are the most common cause, a vibrating brake pedal can sometimes be caused by steering, suspension or wheel issues.

Causes of a vibrating / shaking brake pedal:

Worn brake pads:New brake pads Hamilton NZ

Brake pads are present in almost all modern cars. They are made out of high-friction material and apply pressure to the brake disc rotor when the brakes are applied. This allows your car to slow down. Over time, the high-friction material will wear off your brake pads. As this happens, they will lose their ability to effectively slow your car down. The result is noticeable vibrations in the brake pedal when coming to a sudden stop, as well as increased stopping distance.

Brake pads should be replaced as soon as they begin to wear. This keeps your braking system working correctly, improving the safety of your vehicle.

Brake pad replacement in Hamilton

Damaged or worn brake disc/rotor:New brake rotors Hamilton

The brake disc (or brake rotor is a metal disc attached to your wheel hub). Attached to the disc is the brake pads. The disc is subject to high levels of heat and friction. This causes it to eventually crack or warp. This results in inconsistencies in the surface which make your brake pedal vibrate.

Worn brake discs either need to be resurfaced or replaced depending on their condition. Doing so will allow your car to brake smoothly and evenly, reducing the risk of accidents occurring.

Brake disc replacement in Hamilton

Wheels in need of alignment:

If your brake pedal is shaking and your tyres are producing loud, squealing sounds on cornering, your car may be due for a wheel alignment.

It is always best to get a wheel alignment once every 2-3 years or when you replace the tyres. If you don’t get your wheels aligned, they can cause damage to your tyres which is often a lot more expensive to regularly replace.


Brake Repairs in Hamilton

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