What causes your Honda vehicle’s transmission to shudder?Honda CVT start clutch repairs Hamilton

As you accelerate from a complete stop, you may notice an obvious shudder or shake in your Honda transmission, which can be felt throughout your vehicle. This is generally referred to as a Honda transmission shudder. This problem can become more obvious over time, leading to repairs being needed.

This is a common fault which occurs in popular Honda vehicles, such as the Honda Fit and Honda Jazz. The fault is specific to the CVT transmission, a newer transmission system which Honda introduced. It is caused by a component in the system called the start clutch, which is known for problems in these vehicles. Since the Honda CVT transmission was still in an experimental phase, there were issues which needed perfecting. One of these issues was problems with the start clutch.

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Honda has acknowledged this fault and since changed it in newer models with an updated Honda CVT transmission. However, older models with this problem may need a fix in order for the transmission to operate smoothly at all times.


How to prevent the transmission judder/shaking:

There are two common ways in which mechanics can try to improve fix the issue in your Honda vehicle:

Flushing transmission fluid:

A shuddering transmission/start clutch can often be fixed by replacing the transmission fluid. This allows the components to operate smoothly and without excess heat. However, this method has a varied long-term success rate.

If you are experiencing a shuddering transmission, a fluid flush is usually the cheapest and most cost-effective option. However, it is not guaranteed to fix the issue all the time. The issue may eventually come back within a few years, leading to the transmission needing to be flushed again.

There are also specialized “additives” that can be added to your Honda transmission to remove or lessen the shuddering or jolting while it shift gears.

CVT Fluid flush in Hamilton


Replacing the start clutch:

For a guaranteed way to fix the fault, mechanics will recommend replacing the start clutch. Honda has released an updated start clutch, which is compatible with vehicles such as the Honda Jazz and Fit. This part is designed to fix the issue permanently, meaning you won’t have to regularly change fluid anymore.

Replacement of the start clutch is considerably more expensive. This is because it involves the removal and disassembly of the transmission. However, it could end up saving you money in the long run, especially if you plan to keep the car for a long time.


Honda Start Clutch & CVT Transmission Shudder Repairs in Hamilton

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