Are you looking for a transmission fluid flush and filter change in Hamilton?

transmission fluid

At Grimmer Motors, we offer transmission fluid flushing and replacement for your vehicle. Flushing and replacing your transmission fluid will ensure that your car’s transmission system continues to function correctly. Our skilled, qualified mechanics are able to replace the transmission fluid on any vehicle, regardless of its make and model.


What does transmission fluid do?

The main purpose of transmission fluid is to lubricate your vehicle’s transmission system. This reduces friction and heat, which can damage your vehicle’s transmission system over time. Transmission fluid also allows your car to shift gears easily, making driving a much smoother experience. This is achieved through a buildup of hydraulic pressure in your car’s transmission system. Over time, the transmission fluid can become contaminated, reducing its ability to create pressure.


What does transmission fluid filter do?

transmission filter

As your automatic transmission gets used over tens of thousands of kilometers, internal parts rub on each other, and this friction causes these parts to wear, and shed parts of their surface.

If these particle where allowed to flow freely then they could accelerate wear, and possibly block the critical valve body, solenoids and other critical parts, causing premature transmission failure.

The job of the automatic transmission fluid filter is to therefore capture and store these particles to prevent them flowing around the transmission via the automatic transmission fluid. If you neglect to change the auto transmission fluid filter it can also become blocked, causing gear slipping and other pressure related problems leading to damage and premature failure.

How often should you replace your transmission fluid and filter?

At Grimmer Motors, we recommend that you flush your transmission fluid every 30,000 km. This will significantly reduce the risk of overheating and damage to your vehicle. We also recommend that you regularly check your transmission fluid for contaminants such as dirt, sludge and grime. Healthy transmission fluid should be red, whereas dirty, contaminated fluid will be brown or black.


Signs that your transmission fluid needs replacement:

  • Grinding noises coming from your transmission – If you hear grinding noises while you are driving, your transmission fluid could either be very low or contaminated with dirt or worn particles from the internals of your transmission.
  • Difficulty shifting gears  If your transmission fluid is dirty and in need of a change, you may notice that your car doesn’t change gears like it used to. If your vehicle has a delayed response in changing gears, or struggling to shift gears altogether,  you should check the status of your transmission fluid.
  • Slipping of gears – If your transmission system is unable to generate enough hydraulic pressure, you may find that your vehicle is slipping out of gear. This may be due to contaminants such as dirt interfering with the flow of transmission fluid.


Reliable Transmission Servicing:

At Grimmer Motors, we are happy to service your car’s transmission. We can flush your fluids to remove all contaminants from your transmission system and get your vehicle running smoothly again. For reliable servicing from fully qualified mechanics in Hamilton, book an appointment with us today.


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