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Car Services while Under Warranty

About warranty car services: Most new vehicles come with a 3-5 year warranty. This offers the buyer protection from any...


Brake Fluid Leaking around Clutch Pedal – Inspection & Repair

Why is clutch fluid leaking around the clutch pedal? In vehicle’s with a manual transmission, brake fluid is also used...


Clutch Hose Repair & Replacement

What does the clutch hose do? The clutch hose (or clutch line) is a flexible hose found on your vehicle’s manual...


Brake Warning Light On – Inspection & Repair

About the brake warning light: The brake warning light is your car’s way of telling you there is something wrong...


Brake Fluid Leaking Repair

What does brake fluid do? Brake fluid (or hydraulic fluid) is a clear fluid which sits in your brake reservoir....


Brake Safety Checks & Inspections

What is a brake safety inspection? If there’s one part of your vehicle that needs to function correctly, it’s your...


Vehicle Oil and Lube Services

What is a lubrication service? If your vehicle is producing squeaking noises while you drive or when you open your...

Tyre Service

Car Service Pricing

The importance of Car Servicing A service allows mechanics to examine your car and perform general maintenance services such as...


Signs of a Failing Cambelt / Timing Belt

What does the cambelt do? The cambelt (or timing belt) is an important engine component in many vehicles. Its role...


Car has Slow Acceleration – Inspection & Repair

What causes a car to accelerate slowly? Inside your vehicle are various parts that help deliver fuel to the engine....

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