Grimmer Motors as of August 19 2021 is “on-call” during Alert Level 4 of the COVID-19 pandemic on a “contactless” basis as we are an entity that keeps vehicles operating for essential work purposes. We will become fully open for everyone on a “contactless” basis for Alert Level 3. 

Learn about the precautions we are taking to protect our customers and staff here.

On the 21st of March 2020, the New Zealand Government released a set of alert levels. These Covid 19 alert levels, ranging from 1 to 4 will be used to help manage the way New Zealand deals with the pandemic.

As of midnight Tuesday 17 August 2021, New Zealand the COVID-19 level raised to level 4, meaning non-essential businesses will close to the public. A non-essential business is a business that doesn’t provide vital services to the public. With the closure of non-essential businesses, things should still be able to run smoothly.

On 18 August 2021 the New Government website at the link below showed that mechanics are an essential business and have the option of providing urgent car repair services to essential service workers

LEVEL 2 – Mechanics can operate.
LEVEL 3 –  Mechanics can operate provided they do not have customers on premise (contactless).
LEVEL 4 – Mechanics can operate for urgent repairs if necessary to maintain Alert Level 4 services.


Some examples of non-essential businesses might include:

  • Movie Cinemas / Theaters
  • Gyms and recreation centres
  • Casinos and Gambling houses
  • Salons and spas
  • Museums
  • Swimming pools
  • Car and Horse / Dog racing tracks
  • Shopping malls
  • Ten Pin Bowling alleys
  • Sporting venues
  • Concert venues


Is auto repair an essential business?

YES! New Zealand and other countries have separated essential and non-essential businesses, and auto repair businesses will remain open as essential businesses as “any entity that keeps vehicles operating for essential work purposes”.  This means at Covid 19 Level 4 if you are an essential worker that you will still be able to book your car into workshops such as Grimmer Motors for urgent repairs.

Some reasons Auto repair workshops are considered essential businesses are because:

  • It is necessary for many families to have access to a car. This helps with groceries, work, and healthcare commitments. Workshops must remain open to repair vehicles if necessary.
  • Car safety. We need to carry out necessary car repairs to keep you and others on our roads safe.
  • Cars and other vehicles are required for many other businesses to continue operating as normal. In the event that a vehicle needs repair, a mechanic should be available to do the job.
  • In the event of an emergency, it is important to have access to reliable transport. When you bring your car to Grimmer Motors, we’ll ensure it is working smoothly and safely.


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At Grimmer Motors, we have committed to staying “on call for alert level 4” for Essential Service Workers and being “open for everyone at alert level 3” throughout the Coronavirus / Covid 19 pandemic all in a Contactless safe manner. The wellbeing of our customers and staff will be treated as a top priority. You can read more about the safety precautions we are taking by clicking here.

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