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Fuel System


Diesel in Petrol Tank – Fuel Flush & Repair in Hamilton

What happens when you put diesel in a petrol vehicle? Although it is not as damaging as putting petrol in...


Petrol in Diesel Tank – Fuel Flush in Hamilton

What happens when you put petrol in a diesel vehicle? Putting petrol in a diesel vehicle can damage the fuel...


Petrol / Fuel Leaking from Car – Repair in Hamilton

About fuel leaks: A fuel leak happens when a hole in your vehicle’s fuel system causes petrol to leak out...


Fuel Door/Petrol Flap won’t Open – Inspection & Repair

About fuel door problems: The fuel door is often overlooked until it becomes an inconvenience. A stuck fuel door can...


Carburetor Repair & Tuning

What is a Carburetor? Before fuel injectors became common in modern vehicles, carburetors were used to control the flow of...

Fuel System

Does your fuel pump need repairing?

What does your vehicle’s fuel pump do? The fuel pump is an important part of any petrol or diesel vehicle’s fuel...

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