About the petrol cap:

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The petrol cap (also known as the gas cap or fuel cap) sits behind your car’s fuel door. It can be removed so that fuel can be put into your car. The petrol cap does more than a lot of people think. It protects the inside of your fuel system from dust and other contaminants. It also prevents issues with your car’s evaporative emissions controls by sealing the entry point to the fuel system shut. An airtight system allows for greater engine operation, better fuel economy and improved safety.


Causes of petrol cap problems:

Missing petrol cap

The petrol cap is often considered an unimportant component. However, operating your car without a petrol cap can lead to problems. When there isn’t a fuel cap protecting your fuel tank, debris such as dust and dirt can find their way into your car’s fuel system. This can cause your fuel filter to become blocked, restricting the flow of fuel to your engine. 

Because the petrol cap helps control the level of hydrocarbon emissions from the petrol in the fuel tank into the atmosphere, then a correctly tightened working petrol cap is vital. Otherwise the car engines computer may detect a problem with the carbon canister hydrocarbon control system that works in conjunction with the petrol cap and turn the Check Engine Light (CEL) on.

Symptoms of a clogged fuel filter include:

  • Difficulty starting your vehicle
  • Reduced engine power
  • The check engine light is on


Petrol cap stuck

In some cases, the petrol cap can become stuck, preventing you from being able to add fuel to your car. A stuck petrol cap can be caused by the fuel tank creating a vacuum-like seal around the cap. This is most likely to happen when your car is very low on fuel.

A stuck petrol cap can also be caused by a mechanical defect in the petrol cap or fuel tank. A stuck petrol cap happens on cross-threaded petrol caps that do not match up with the threading of the fuel tank housing and become stuck.
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Can you drive without a petrol cap?

Yes, you can drive without a petrol (gasoline) cap. However, it is not recommended. The petrol cap is designed to prevent fuel from spilling out of the tank and to prevent debris and contaminants from getting into the tank. Without a petrol cap, fuel can evaporate and escape, leading to a loss of fuel efficiency and a decrease in fuel economy. It may also cause your car’s engine light to turn on.

In addition, driving without a petrol cap can also increase the risk of fire in the event of a spark or ignition. For this reason, we recommend finding a replacement as soon as possible.


Petrol Cap Replacement in Hamilton

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