What is the fuel pump relay?

Fuel pump relay Hamilton

In basically any car with an internal combustion engine, a fuel pump is used to control the flow of fuel to the engine. The fuel pump is most often connected to a small electrical component called the fuel pump relay.

The fuel pump relay is usually located near the fuse box or engine bay. It operates by switching on and off to control the amount of power sent to the fuel pump. When the relay is on, the fuel pump will work. When the relay is off, no power will be supplied to the pump and it will not work. The fuel pump relay is controlled by the engine control module, which sends an electrical signal to the relay when it detects that more fuel is needed.
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Problems with the fuel pump relay can affect your fuel pump’s ability to send fuel to the engine, affecting your car’s driveability and fuel burning conditions.

On many cars you may hear the fuel pump turn on for a second  or more when the key is turned to the on position (before cranking). This is called fuel pump priming, and is designed to raise the fuel pressure in the fuel line, ready for the engine to start.


Symptoms of a faulty car fuel pump relay:

  • Stalling engine – If the car’s fuel pump relay stops working while you are driving, it will cut off power to the fuel pump. This usually results in the engine stalling.
  • Engine not starting at all – A faulty car electric fuel pump relay can prevent the car engine from starting. This is due to no fuel being able to reach the engine upon ignition.
  • Loss of engine power while driving – A faulty car fuel pump relay can lead to the electric fuel pump behaving incorrectly and not supplying the right amount of fuel. This usually leads to decreased acceleration and engine power.
  • Battery issues due to fuel pump being stuck on – Sometimes, a faulty fuel pump relay can cause the fuel pump to stay on, even when the engine is off. This can lead to power being drained from the battery.
  • Engine light on – When the fuel pump isn’t sending fuel to the engine correctly, the air/fuel ratio in the engine may be affected. This will result in the Check Engine light appearing on your car’s dashboard.


New Fuel Pump Relay Installation in Hamilton

Is your car in need of a new fuel pump relay? If so, we can help!

installing a new fuel pump relay is a relatively straightforward and inexpensive process that can have a significant impact on the performance and reliability of your car. Here are just a few of the benefits of installing a new fuel pump relay:

  • Improved fuel efficiency: A faulty fuel pump relay can cause your car’s fuel pump to work harder than it needs to, which can result in increased fuel consumption. By installing a new fuel pump relay, you can help your car run more efficiently, saving you money on gas over the long term.
  • Improvement in engine performance: If your car’s fuel pump isn’t receiving the electrical current it needs, your engine may not be performing at its best. By installing a new fuel pump relay, you can ensure that your fuel pump is receiving the power it needs to run smoothly, which can result in better overall engine performance.

At Grimmer Motors, our talented and experienced mechanics can replace a broken fuel pump relay. This will allow for fuel to always reach your engine, preventing stalling and other problems.

For all car fuel pump relay repairs and replacement in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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