About the diesel fuel pump:

In diesel-powered cars, the diesel fuel pump (or diesel injection pump) is responsible for pressurising diesel fuel, then pumping it directly into the diesel fuel injectors, where it enters the cylinders of the diesel engine. Once the diesel fuel enters the engine, it is burnt and send out the exhaust. This gives your diesel vehicle the necessary power to run.

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Effective fuel delivery from the diesel fuel pump is vital to correct engine performance. For this reason, it is important that the diesel fuel pump remains in good condition.


Causes of diesel fuel pump issues:

  • Blocked diesel engine fuel pump – Over time, the diesel engine fuel pump can become blocked. This is due to diesel fuel residue building up in the diesel fuel system. A blocked diesel fuel pump will need to be cleaned in order to allow diesel fuel to reach the diesel engine fuel injectors correctly.
  • Leaking diesel engine fuel pump – Your diesel engine fuel pump’s design will feature several fuel seals which are made to keep the diesel fuel from leaking out. These seals can become brittle over time, losing effectiveness and causing the pump to leak internally or externally.
  • Incorrect fuelling – Using low-quality fuel will cause your fuel pump to clog up more quickly. Accidentally filling your car, ute or van’s fuel tank with petrol instead of diesel fuel can also damage the fuel pump
  • General wear over time – Like any mechanical component, fuel pumps can wear out over time. The constant movement of fuel through the pump can cause internal parts, such as bearings and seals, to deteriorate. As the fuel pump wears, it may lose efficiency or develop leaks, leading to decreased performance or complete failure.
  • Problems with the fuel pump relay – Fuel pumps in modern vehicles are often controlled by a relay or an electronic module. Issues with the fuel pump relay or electrical connections can prevent the pump from receiving power, resulting in a fuel delivery problem.
  • Poor fuel pressure – Fuel pumps are designed to maintain a specific pressure to ensure proper fuel delivery to the engine. If the fuel pressure is too high or too low, it can indicate a problem with the fuel pump or the fuel pressure regulator, affecting engine performance.


Symptoms of diesel fuel pump damage:

  • Vehicle struggling to start or not starting at all – A damaged fuel pump may struggle to supply the engine with the required amount of fuel, leading to difficulty starting the engine or even preventing it from starting at all. You may experience extended cranking or multiple attempts before the engine finally starts.
  • Reduced diesel engine power – If not enough diesel fuel is getting to the engine due to a blockage, the diesel engine will not be able to run with as much power. You may struggle to reach higher speeds, drive up hills, tow a trailer or change into higher gears.
  • Increased diesel fuel consumption – A leaking diesel fuel pump will result in an increased loss of fuel. This can cost a lot over time, meaning it is best to get the leak fixed as soon as possible.
  • Misfiring engine – Insufficient fuel pressure from a damaged fuel pump can contribute to engine misfires. Misfires can cause rough idling, vibrations, and a noticeable decrease in engine performance.
  • Diesel Fuel puddles – If you notice puddles of diesel fuel appearing under your car, van or ute engine it may be due to a leaking diesel engine fuel pump. 


Diesel Fuel Pump Cleaning, Testing and Replacement in Hamilton

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