All about brake pads:

New bake pads in Hamilton NZ

Brake pads are an important part of modern braking systems. They work with the brake disc/rotor to create friction and cause the vehicle to stop.

Most brake rotors have two brake pads positioned on either side. When the brakes are applied, the brake caliper pushes the brake pads against the brake rotor, causing the wheels to gradually stop spinning and the vehicle to slow down.

Many older vehicles do not have brake pads and instead use a brake drum configuration. Brake drums are common for the rear wheel even on some modern vehicles.

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When to have new brake pads installed?

New brake pads should be installed on or before your car’s current brake pads reach their wear limit. This is because worn brake pads can affect your vehicle’s ability to stop quickly and make your vehicle unsafe to drive. The ability to quickly come to a stop can be vital to avoiding potential accidents.

On average, your car’s brake pads will last at least 50,000 km. They should last longer if your brakes aren’t constantly under extreme pressure. The sudden application of the brakes can reduce the lifespan of your brake pads, especially if it happens a lot.


How to make brake pads last longer

Follow these tips to increase the lifespan of your brake pads and keep them in optimum condition for longer:

  • Gentle Braking Technique: Avoid aggressive braking whenever possible. Gradually apply the brakes instead of slamming them, particularly when coming to a stop. Gentle braking reduces the strain on the brake pads and helps prevent excessive wear.
  • Maintain Proper Following Distance: Maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you allows for smoother and gradual braking. This reduces the need for sudden or hard braking, which can wear out the brake pads more quickly.
  • Anticipate Traffic Flow: Pay attention to the road ahead and anticipate traffic conditions. By anticipating stops, slowdowns, and traffic patterns, you can adjust your driving style to minimize the need for frequent and abrupt braking.
  • Avoid Riding the Brakes: Resting your foot on the brake pedal while driving, even lightly, can lead to unnecessary friction and premature wear of the brake pads. Only apply the brakes when necessary.


Symptoms of failing brake pads:

Failing brake pads can exhibit several symptoms that indicate they need to be replaced. Here are some common signs of failing brake pads:

  • Squealing or Screeching Noises: One of the most noticeable signs is a high-pitched squealing or screeching noise when applying the brakes. This sound is typically caused by a wear indicator built into the brake pad, which is designed to make noise when the pads have reached their minimum thickness.
  • Grinding or Metal-on-Metal Noise: If the brake pads are severely worn down, you may hear a grinding or metal-on-metal noise when applying the brakes. This indicates that the brake pads are worn out completely, and the metal backing plate is making contact with the brake rotor. This is a serious issue that requires immediate attention, as it can cause damage to the brake rotor.
  • Reduced Brake Responsiveness: If you notice that it takes longer for your vehicle to come to a stop or the brakes feel less responsive than usual, it may be due to worn brake pads. As the pads wear down, they have a reduced surface area to grip the brake rotor, resulting in diminished braking performance.
  • Increased Stopping Distance: A related symptom is an increase in the stopping distance required for your vehicle. If it takes longer to bring your vehicle to a complete stop or you need to apply more force to the brake pedal, it could indicate worn brake pads.
  • Vibration or Pulsation: Worn brake pads can cause vibrations or pulsations in the brake pedal when you apply the brakes. This can be felt as a pulsating sensation or an uneven braking action.


New Brake Pad Installation in Hamilton

Is your vehicle in need of new brake pads? If so, we can help!

Our safety conscious, experienced and trusted mechanics can thoroughly examine your brake system, determining whether your brake pads need a replacement. We can then remove your old brake pads and install new ones. This will allow for improved vehicle safety and stopping time. 

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