Is your car’s brake fluid due for flushing?

Brake fluid is a vital part of your car’s braking system. It is a fluid with hydraulic properties – meaning it cannot be compressed. Its hydraulic properties allow the energy from your brake pedal to be converted into braking pressure, which applies force to your brake discs/ brake shoes and slows the car down.

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Over time, brake fluid becomes dirty. This happens because contaminants such as dirt and moisture find their way into the braking system. When this happens, brake fluid begins to lose its hydraulic properties, reducing its effectiveness in slowing down your car. To prevent your brake fluid from becoming too dirty, most mechanics will recommend that you replace it once every two years of 40,000 km.


Why is brake fluid replacement important?

As contaminants find their way into your brake fluid, it loses its ability to stop your car quickly. Replacing your brake fluid keeps your brakes running correctly. This gives your car the stopping power needed to avoid unexpected dangers and obstacles. The more responsive your brakes are, the more likely you will be able to stop in time, especially when travelling at higher speeds.

Additionally, your brakes must be fully functional in order to pass a Warrant of Fitness. Low and dirty brake fluid could cause you to fail a Warrant of Fitness until a top up or flush with clean fluid is performed.


How to check if the brake fluid is dirty

Be sure to occasionally check the brake fluid reservoir to see if the levels are lower than normal.

Locate the brake fluid reservoir

To check the state of your brake fluid, you will need to locate the brake fluid reservoir – a small plastic canister shown here. You can check the colour of the brake fluid by unscrewing the cap on top. Be careful not to get any dirt or other contaminants into the reservoir – this can cause increased wear and damage to brake components.

What colour should the brake fluid be?

Brake fluid should come out of the bottle as a clear liquid. Over time, contaminants will enter the fluid causing it to darken in colour. If your brake fluid appears dark brown or black, it is probably time to replace it.


Benefits of a brake fluid replacement:

  • Enhanced Braking Performance: Over time, brake fluid can become contaminated with moisture, air, and debris. This contamination can lead to decreased braking performance, such as a spongy brake pedal, longer braking distances, or reduced braking power. By replacing the old fluid with fresh fluid, you can restore optimal braking performance, ensuring more responsive and reliable braking.
  • Protection against Corrosion: Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture from the surrounding air over time. Moisture in the brake fluid can lead to corrosion within the braking system, including brake lines, calipers, and master cylinder. A brake fluid replacement helps remove moisture and protect the brake system components from rust and corrosion, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring their proper functioning.
  • Maintenance of Brake System Integrity: Brake fluid is essential for transmitting hydraulic pressure from the brake pedal to the brakes themselves. As brake fluid ages, it can break down and lose its effectiveness, compromising the integrity of the hydraulic system. By replacing the fluid regularly, you maintain the proper functioning and reliability of the brake system, reducing the risk of brake failure.


Dirty Brake Fluid Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car in need of a brake fluid flush? If so, we can help! At Grimmer Motors, our team of expert mechanics can replace/flush the brake fluid on all modern vehicles. A brake fluid flush will allow your brakes to perform optimally, meaning you will be able to brake more reliably and drive more safely. Brake fluid replacement also protects against corrosion, meaning various brake components will last longer.

As well as brake fluid replacement, we also offer a variety of other brake related services. These include:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake disc and rotor replacement
  • Brake caliper replacement
  • Brake cylinder replacement
  • Brake fluid leak repairs

For brake fluid replacement services in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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