What does the ignition switch do?Ignition switch replacement Hamilton

When you turn the keys or press your car’s “start” button, the ignition switch draws power from the battery, directing it to the various electronic accessories throughout your car. It also delivers power to the starter motor, which cranks your engine over and allows the car to start.

The ignition switch is located on the dashboard or steering column in most cars. Historically, a key was used to turn the ignition switch and start the car, but newer models have push-to-start buttons which control the ignition switch. Some ignition systems are combined with an immobiliser which only activates the switch when a signal is detected from your car’s keys. This prevents the engine from starting without the keys being present.

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When should the ignition switch be replaced?

There is no recommended replacement interval for the ignition switch. For this reason, mechanics will only replace it when it breaks. The ignition switch is a component which usually lasts the entire lifespan of your vehicle. However, electrical faults and general wear can cause damage which may lead to failure. In this case, it will need to be replaced in order for your car to operate correctly.

When the switch fails, you may have difficulty starting your car or powering various electrical accessories such as the radio, power windows or heater.


Symptoms of a bad ignition switch:

  • Car not starting – A faulty ignition switch will prevent power from reaching the starter motor. This will prevent the engine from starting. When you turn the key, you will hear a faint clicking noise and no cranking of the engine.
  • Problems with electrical components – Some of your electrical components may not work. This includes the radio, clock, heater and lights. This can happen due to the ignition switch not delivering power to your battery.
  • Engine cuts out unexpectedly – When the ignition switch is not powering components correctly, your engine may give out shortly after it starts.


What else could be causing your car not to start?

The ignition switch is not the only thing that could be preventing your car from starting. There are several different components that can fail and prevent ignition. Before replacing the ignition switch, check the following for issues:


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Ignition Switch Repairs & Replacement in Hamilton

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