About fuel consumption:

Fuel consumption (or fuel economy / fuel efficiency) is a measurement that depicts how much fuel your car uses. It is usually measured in kilometres per litre (km/L) or miles per gallon (MPG). Your car’s fuel economy depends on several factors, including the way you drive it, the size of your engine, the level of tune of your engine, the level of inflation of your tyres and the weight of the vehicle.

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Measuring your car’s fuel economy:

Most newer cars are able to measure how much fuel your car is using, giving you a reasonably accurate measurement which changes depending on your driving conditions. If these measurements are higher than normal, or your car needs topping up with fuel more often, there may be a problem in your cars engine that is causing increased fuel use.


Causes of increased fuel consumption:

There are several reasons your car could be using more fuel than 1normal. These include:

Fuel leaks – Any leaks in your fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel injectors or fuel pump can cause your car engine to use more fuel than normal. A fuel leak should be fixed as soon as possible because it will cost you more money over time.

Rich fuel mixture – A rich fuel mixture occurs when too much fuel is being introduced to your car’s engine compared to the amount of air. This causes excess fuel burning, which can increase fuel consumption. A rich mixture can be caused by problems with:

  • leaking fuel injectors
  • faulty oxygen sensors (such on lean mixture signal)
  • faulty air flow meter
  • blocked air filter
  • blocked engine air intake
  • high fuel pump pressure
  • high fuel regulator pressure
  • overfilled engine oil (engine oil level too high)
  • faulty Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve (PCV valve).

Incorrect tyre pressure – You can maximise fuel economy by periodically checking your tyres and ensuring that the pressure is correct. If you are unsure of the correct tyre pressure, then ask your friendly local car garage.

Faulty ignition system – Your car’s ignition system is in charge of igniting the air/fuel mixture in your engine. Problems in the ignition system can lead to your car burning fuel incorrectly, affecting its fuel efficiency. This is especially true if you are getting constant engine misfires.


High Fuel Consumption Inspection in Hamilton

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At Grimmer Motors, we can accurately diagnose the cause of your car’s increased fuel use. We can provide reliable replacements for your car’s components, maximising its fuel efficiency. Common services include:

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