About fuel leaks:

A fuel leak happens when a hole in your vehicle’s fuel system causes petrol to leak out of your car. Petrol is a flammable substance, meaning that a leak can create fire risks. For this reason, mechanics recommend that the problem should be fixed immediately. 

Fuel leaks can severely reduce your vehicle’s ability to process fuel and maintain a high fuel efficiency. For this reason, fixing the fuel leak will save you money over time. 

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Causes of petrol leaks:

Fuel tank – Over time, the fuel tank can become worn and rusty. This can eventually lead to the leaking of fuel. In this case, leaks will likely appear towards the back of your vehicle, where the fuel tank is located.

Fuel lines – The fuel lines transport fuel from the tank to the engine with the help of the fuel pump. The fuel lines can also leak due to rust and wear. These leaks can appear anywhere between the fuel tank location and the front of your car. 

Fuel Regulator or Fuel Injector seals leaking – loose or damaged seals in the fuel regulator or fuel injectors can cause fuel under pressure to squirt or leak out while the ignition key is on or the engine is running. As these components are in the engine bay with the hot exhaust and potential for sparks, the fire risk is very high.


Symptoms of petrol leaks:

Strong petrol smell – Perhaps the most obvious symptom is you may be able to smell petrol from inside or around your car. In this case, you should IMMEDIATELY either take your car to a qualified mechanic or have a qualified mechanic come visit you, so that you don’t have to risk driving the car and potential fire.

Visible petrol leaks – , If you smell and see small puddles of fuel appearing underneath your vehicle you should immediately call a qualified mechanic to come to you to inspect the vehicle. Also you must avoid all potential ignition sources such as open flames, sparks and smoking near the car. 

Reduced fuel levels – You may notice that your vehicle is using fuel more quickly, or the fuel gauge is going down when you are not driving. This is often a sign of a fuel leak.

Reduced engine performance – If the engine is starving for fuel and not getting the required amount of fuel, it will not be able to perform to its full ability. 



Fuel Leak fixes in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can fix fuel leaks in your vehicle by replacing the leaking components. This will allow for reduced fire risks, increased engine power, and increased fuel efficiency.

In some cases, a fuel leak can be caused by a small hole in your gas tank, leaking fuel lines or leaking fuel injector or fuel regulator seal or joins. Rusty, rotten or corroded gas tanks may need to be replaced entirely. This is because they are prone to leaking repeatedly over time.

For fast, safe, effective fuel leak servicing in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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