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    Vehicle Inspections and Reports

    A vehicle inspection can provide accurate information about the health of a car. This lets you to avoid any unexpected problems in the future.

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    Grimmer Motors offers reliable, honest pre-purchase reports and inspections for all vehicles.


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    Knowing the state of your vehicle can extend its life and provide a safer driving experience.


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    Are you going on a road trip? Get your car checked to avoid breakdowns and vehicle damage.


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    Save money by having any issues identified while your vehicle is still under warranty.


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    Is your car’s lease running out? Have your leased vehicle checked to avoid any repair costs.


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    Are you selling a vehicle? Give your buyer confidence by providing them with a pre-sales report.


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    Vehicle Inspections


    Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

    Pre Purchase Report

    Grimmer Motors offers reliable, honest pre-purchase vehicle inspections for your car in Hamilton.

    Buying a used car can be a scary exercise, as you don’t always know what problems are lurking below the surface of any second-hand car. At Grimmer Motors our highly skilled, qualified and experienced mechanics can perform an advanced, accurate pre-purchase check on any car for you. This will give you the peace of mind that you are making a wise choice.

    We use the latest state of the art scan tools and diagnostic equipment to ensure we give you the most comprehensive pre-purchase inspection report possible. Our scan tools are used by several well known NZ companies including AA and VINZ.

    When you have a pre-purchase inspection / check with us, you get a well-presented printout of all the results we have found from the vehicle, that you can use to help with your confidence or negotiate the price with the seller.

    View an example of our pre-purchase inspection report

    Please note: This report is subject to changes and improvements over time, so may differ slightly at your pre-purchase inspection time.

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    Vehicle Health Checks

    vehicle haelth check

    Grimmer Motors offers advanced vehicle health checks / inspections.

    Keeping your car properly maintained and knowing the full state of your electronic controlled components is essential to the long life of your vehicle.

    Our unique state of the art / leading edge technology means that we can scan all the systems in your vehicle for fault codes and live data. We can then compare your car to itself over time, and to a massive range of other cars of the same type to see if anything is abnormal.

    This incredibly powerful system can detect problems before they grow into major faults, which can help to reduce fuel use and emissions, and avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs.

    View an example of our vehicle health check report.

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    Pre-Holiday Vehicle Checks

    Pre-Holiday Check Report

    The last thing you want is for your car to give you trouble or have safety issues when you are on holiday. Often when you go on holiday you drive further and face different road conditions than normal.

    Also with modern cars only needing a Warrant of Fitness (WoF) once per year (or less), there is even more need to check safety items like tyres, fluid levels and the health of your engine and electronic controlled systems every 6 months.

    At Grimmer Motors our highly skilled, experienced and qualified mechanics can quickly and easily use the latest state of the art diagnostic technology to check and test your car before your holiday adventure.

    View an example of pre-holiday check report.

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    End of Warranty Vehicle Checks

    End of Warranty Report

    New car warranties are typically 5 years long. When your vehicle is coming close to the end of its warranty period (say 3 months) it is always a good idea to get an independent (not the franchise dealer who warranties your vehicle) “end of warranty check”.

    The purpose of this “end of warranty check” is to look for any mechanical, electrical or electronic issues that are pending, but not yet bad enough to turn on a warning light on the dash, or have obvious symptoms. Finding these issues while your vehicle is still under warranty can save you a lot of money, as you will be responsible for the repairs outside of the warranty period!

    Our latest, state of the art diagnostic technology can help to find any pending problems while still in warranty.

    View an example of our end of warranty report.

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    End of Lease Vehicle Checks

    End of Lease Report

    If you decide to purchase your lease vehicle from the lease company, then you will become responsible for any repair costs outside of the lease agreement period.

    Therefore it is always very advisable to get a full “end of lease check” of your vehicle in the last few months of the lease before you purchase it.

    Our highly experienced, trained and trusted mechanics use the latest diagnostic technologies in order to thoroughly test your vehicle, giving you confidence that you have all the information available about your lease vehicle before purchase.

    View an example of our end of lease report.

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    Pre-Sales Vehicle Checks

    Pre Sales Report

    At Grimmer Motors we keep a complete service and diagnostic history of your vehicle over time in our cloud-based web portal. This means that when you have your car worked on at Grimmer Motors on a regular basis you build up a significant history of how well and often your car is serviced along with the full electronic diagnostic history.

    This “pre-sales vehicle check” can be very useful to you as the seller of a vehicle to be able to show the buyer that your vehicle has been regularly serviced and it has been constantly healthy (with repairs done as required) and is currently healthy at the time of sale.

    This could make the sale of your vehicle faster and hassle free, plus it could help command a premium price for your vehicle.

    View an example of our pre-sales report.

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    Grimmer Motors offers advanced pre-purchase inspections, vehicle health checks and much more. Contact us now to receive reliable inspections for your car in Hamilton.