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    On July 1st, Car Registrations will be Cheaper

    On July 1st, several new government policies will be implemented in New Zealand. One of these policies affects a drop...


    CV Joints – What do they do and when should they be replaced?

    What is a CV joint? On front-wheel drive vehicles, the axle shafts connect the wheels and the transmission. The axles...

    Aggiunta olio motore

    Changing your Oil and Filter – Why is it Important?

    Replacing your oil is vital to keep your car healthy and extending the life of your engine. So why is...

    Torn Timing Blet

    Replacing your cambelt / timing belt – Why is it important?

    The cambelt (or timing belt) is often overlooked by vehicle owners. However, it is very important that you keep track...


    Diagnosing Engine Misfires

    What is an engine misfire? A misfire occurs when your vehicle’s engine misses a process in its combustion cycle, causing...


    Driving in extreme weather

    During the winter, driving in New Zealand can be dangerous. This is due to fog, rain and early sunsets. Learn...


    Keep your car looking, and running like new.

    Have you just purchased a new car? Keep it looking and running like new by following the following tips:  1....


    The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Second-Hand Car

    Since buying a car is such a big investment, it is important to inspect the vehicle for faults before spending the...


    12 items you should always have in your car

    Having the following items in your car can help you in an emergency, improve car safety and allow you to...


    How to check your vehicle’s suspension

    Pay attention while driving. The simplest way to tell whether you are having a suspension-related issue is by focusing on how...

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