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    Coolant Reservoir

    Coolant Flush

    Flushing your cooling system is important to the health of your radiator and other cooling system components. If your car...

    Thief Breaking Into Car

    Keeping your Vehicle Theft-Proof

    Unfortunately, vehicle burglaries are all too common. Luckily, there are several precautions you can take to deter thieves and keep them...


    Long Distance Driving – Staying Safe

    It has been proven that driving for long periods of time can cause fatigue. Follow these tips to stay safe...


    Keeping your car’s interior in good condition

    Keeping your car’s interior in good condition will decrease wear and damage over time. This will increase the value of...


    Air Filter Replacement in Hamilton

    What does an air filter do? If you examine your car’s grill, you may notice a buildup of dirt, sand,...


    Waikato Police Fining $150 for Non-Working Headlights

    Over the next week (18-25 July), Waikato police will be targeting vehicles with broken or malfunctioning headlights. The police aim...


    Cleaning headlights with household items

    Since car manufacturers stopped using glass for headlights and switched to plastics, drivers have faced cloudy headlights. This is caused...


    Servicing your vehicle – How it can SAVE money

    Does servicing save money? The short answer is yes. If you take your vehicle in for regular servicing and inspections,...

    Liquid being poured into car

    What Fluids does my Vehicle Need?

    Keeping your vehicle topped up with the right fluids will extend its life and keep it operating correctly and running...


    How to stay safe while working on your vehicle

    Performing DIY repairs and maintenance on your vehicle can save you a lot of money. However, it can be dangerous...

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