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    Need a New Car Battery in Hamilton?

    Advanced Car Battery Testing: At Grimmer Motors we use the very latest, advanced electronic testing tools to check the status...


    Transmission Fluid and Filter Changes in Hamilton

    Are you looking for a transmission fluid flush and filter change in Hamilton? At Grimmer Motors, we offer transmission fluid...

    Fuel Filter

    Fuel Filter Replacement

    What does a fuel filter do? The purpose of a fuel filter is to clean the fuel in your vehicle,...

    Cabin Air Filter

    Cabin Air Filter Replacement

    Cabin air filter replacement in Hamilton At Grimmer Motors, we provide cabin air filter replacement for your vehicle in Hamilton....

    Grimmer Motors

    A Further History of Grimmer Motors

      On the 1st October 1934, Claude Grimmer bought out a small service station and garage situated in Grey Street,...


    Petrol and Diesel Vehicles to be Banned in the UK by 2040

    In an effort to reduce air pollution and its health-related side effects, the UK plans to ban the sale and...

    car secrets

    A Secret to Better Engine Power, Fuel Economy and Emissions!

    A little known, relatively inexpensive device called an engine “Thermostat” can make a big difference Engine Power, Fuel Economy and Emissions!...

    Aggiunta olio motore

    Which oil should you put in your car?

    Oil is essential to keeping your vehicle’s engine healthy. However, replacing your car’s oil can be daunting due to the...


    Electric Cars vs Hybrids – Which one should you get?

    Both electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles will improve your carbon footprint and reduce fuel consumption. However, you should consider which...

    Coolant Reservoir

    Coolant Flush

    Flushing your cooling system is important to the health of your radiator and other cooling system components. If your car...

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