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    Car Window Repair & Servicing

    Are your vehicle’s electric windows not functioning correctly? Our team of car servicing specialists will fix your vehicle’s windows, allowing...


    Oxygen Sensor Replacement & Servicing

    Grimmer Motors offers oxygen sensor diagnostics, repair, and replacement for your vehicle in Hamilton. What does the Oxygen Sensor do?...

    Car Door

    Car Door Repair

    Car Door Repair & Servicing in Hamilton Although a malfunctioning car door won’t effect the operation of your vehicle, it...


    Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement & Cleaning

    What does the Mass Airflow Sensor do? The Mass Airflow Sensor (or MAF) monitors the amount of air entering your...

    Dashboard Warning Lights

    Dashboard Warning Light Checks & Diagnostics

    What is a dashboard warning light? Modern vehicles have several electronic sensors that monitor the status of your car. When...

    Spark Plug

    Spark Plug Repair and Replacement

    What do spark plugs do? Spark plugs are a key component in your vehicle’s ignition system. Every time you turn...

    Fuel System

    Does your fuel pump need repairing?

    What does your vehicle’s fuel pump do? The fuel pump is an important part of any petrol or diesel vehicle’s fuel...


    Car Pre Purchase Inspections in Hamilton

    Grimmer Motors offers reliable, honest Pre-Purchase vehicle inspections for your car in Hamilton. Purchasing a new vehicle can be stressful,...


    Car Engine Tuning

    What is Engine Tuning? Tuning an engine means making it run more smoothly, reducing fuel consumption, decreasing exhaust emissions and...

    Car wheel

    Tyre Rotation Services in Hamilton

    What is a tyre rotation? Tyre rotations are an important part of vehicle upkeep. You may be thinking, don’t my...

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