Car airbag WOF repairs in HamiltonWhy are airbags important?

During a crash, airbags deploy rapidly to cushion the occupants and help reduce the severity of injuries. They can help protect against head, neck, and chest injuries, which are some of the most common and serious types of injuries sustained in car accidents.

For this reason, all new cars in New Zealand are required to have airbags installed. If your car’s airbags are not working correctly, you may need to get the airbags and/or surrounding components replaced in order to pass your Warrant of Fitness.

Causes of airbag failure:

Airbags can be prone to failing or not working correctly. When this happens, the airbag (SRS) warning light will often turn on. Below are some of the most common causes:

  • Loose or disconnected wiring: The airbag system relies on a complex network of wires and sensors, and any damage or disconnection can cause the warning light to illuminate. This can sometimes happen during the installation of aftermarket technology.
  • Malfunctioning sensor: The airbag system relies on sensors to detect the force and direction of a collision. If one of these sensors is not functioning properly, the warning light may come on.
  • Airbags have been deployed: Arebags are designed for single use only. If the airbags have deployed during a crash, the warning light will typically come on to indicate that the system needs to be serviced.


Types of airbags:

  • Most cars have front airbags, which protect you in head-on crashes. These are located behind your car’s glove box and steering wheel.
  • Side airbags (or curtain airbags) are a common safety feature on newer vehicles. They are designed to inflate in the event of a side-on crash to protect the driver and passengers. They are usually stored inside or above the doors.
  • Knee airbags help the driver to stay in a sitting position when a car crashes. This reduces the chances of injury. They are usually located below the steering column and below the glove box.
  • Seatbelt airbags protect the driver/passengers from head, chest, and neck injuries. However, in order to work properly, the seat belt must be worn correctly.


Why has your car failed its WoF for airbags?

There are several common airbag problems that can lead to your car failing its Warrant of Fitness. These include:

  • Airbag not replaced after being deployed – Airbags are only designed to deploy once, meaning they should be replaced if you are in a crash which results in them activating. Driving with an already deployed airbag will significantly reduce your protection in the event of an impact.
  • Airbag warning light on – Your car’s airbag warning light will turn on if a fault is detected in your airbag or seat belt system. It may mean that either the clockspring isn’t working, the safety belt switch isn’t activating or the airbag crash sensors need to be reset.
    Airbag / SRS warning light diagnostics in Hamilton
  • Airbag cover deteriorated – If the airbag covers are deteriorated, they may need to be replaced for your car to pass its Warrant of Fitness. This doesn’t include the fading effects of sunlight but may include tears, rips or other forms of damage.

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