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    Wheel bearing

    Wheel Bearing Replacement

    Wheel Bearing Servicing & Replacement in Hamilton Wheel bearings allow your wheels to rotate quickly with as little friction as...

    Rain on car window

    Electric / Power Window Fixes and Repairs

    Unlike manual windows, power (or electric) windows allow for you to raise or lower your car’s windows with the flick...

    Car Tyre

    Are you Looking for New Car Tyres in Hamilton?

    Do your Tyres need to be Replaced? It is important to occasionally check the status of your tyres (including the...


    Car Services Under Warranty

    Warranty Car Servicing in Hamilton When your vehicle is still under warranty, it is important that the correct products are...

    Potato Chips

    Beat the Chipocolypse! – Use Tyres to Grow Potatoes

    How to Grow Potatoes using Tyres NZ might be scared chipless but fear no more. Grimmer Motors has an answer...

    Car Water Pump Replacement in Hamilton

    What does a water pump do? Your engine needs a constant flow of coolant entering the engine to prevent overheating....


    Car Window Repair & Servicing

    Are your vehicle’s electric windows not functioning correctly? Our team of car servicing specialists will fix your vehicle’s windows, allowing...


    Oxygen Sensor Replacement & Servicing

    Grimmer Motors offers oxygen sensor diagnostics, repair, and replacement for your vehicle in Hamilton. What does the Oxygen Sensor do?...

    Car Suspension

    Shock Absorber Repair & Replacement

    It is important that you are able to identify the warning signs of failing shock absorbers and struts in your...

    Engine From Side

    Causes of Rough Engine Idling

    Rough idling means that your vehicle is vibrating, producing unhealthy noises, or displaying an inconsistent RPM while it is stationary...

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