About your car’s fuel system:

Fuel leaks can make your car unsafe to drive and should be repaired as soon as possible.

In modern vehicles, many different components work together to bring fuel from the fuel tank to the engine, where it is burnt to power your car. In most systems, a fuel pump is used to pump petrol through the fuel hoses (or fuel lines) Petrol then enters the engine via the fuel injectors.

If damage occurs in any of the components mentioned above, petrol may not be able to reach your engine. This can lead to unstable and unpredictable driving conditions, making your car unsafe to drive. Leaking fuel is also a fire hazard. For these reasons, examination of your car’s fuel system is necessary during a Warrant of Fitness inspection.


Why has your car failed its WOF for fuel issues?

There are several different issues relating to the fuel system that may lead to a failed Warrant of Fitness. Below are some of the most common ones:

  • Leaks in fuel hoses – The fuel hoses are responsible for transporting petrol throughout your vehicle. In the event that one of these hoses leaks, your vehicle may become unsafe to drive. As well as preventing fuel from reaching your engine, fuel leaks can increase the risk of fires caused by petrol’s flammability.
  • Insecure fuel tank – Since the fuel tank holds all of your car’s petrol, it is important that it remains firmly in place. An insecure fuel tank can lead to spillages and other problems which can affect your car’s safety and driveability.
  • Fuel cap is missing – The fuel cap is often dismissed as an unimportant part. However, it plays a very important role in securing your fuel system. A missing fuel cap can lead to excess air entering the fuel system. This can then result in an incorrect air/fuel ratio in your engine. Petrol can also leak out due to a missing fuel cap.
  • Modifications to fuel system – Unauthorised or unsafe modification of your car’s fuel system can lead to it failing its Warrant of Fitness.

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WOF Replacements for Petrol Caps, Fuel Leaks, Fuel Lines and More

Has your car failed its Warrant of Fitness due to a problem in its fuel system? If so, we can help you. At Grimmer Motors, our team of skilled mechanics can perform high-quality replacements on your vehicle’s fuel components. This includes:

  • The fuel tank
  • The fuel lines/hoses
  • The fuel pump
  • Fuel pressure regulator
  • The fuel injectors
  • All other parts of your vehicle’s fuel system.

An inspection from our mechanics will ensure your fuel system is operating correctly with no leaks or other issues. Any replacements will also allow your car to pass its Warrant of Fitness. For fuel leak and fuel system repalcement in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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