About hybrid/EV battery cells:

Usually, replacing a car’s battery isn’t a big deal. However, in electric and hybrid cars, it is very different. In hybrid and electric vehicles, large batteries are used. Inside these batteries are many cells which work together to give the car power. If one or more of these cells fail, a repair or replacement may be necessary to restore full power to your hybrid/electric vehicle.

Inside a Toyota Prius battery pack is 28 separate battery modules. When a problem occurs, it is usually due to one or two of these battery modules rather than all of them. Battery reconditioning is the process of replacing individual cells when a problem occurs. It is sometimes ideal because it saves the vehicle’s owner from having to completely replace the battery.

Cell mapping is a process where the individual cells of a hybrid/EV battery are examined for faults or problems. This then allows technicians to replace the correct cells when reconditioning the car battery. At Grimmer Motors, we are constantly working on powerful diagnostic tools to accelerate processes like this.

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Why get a battery reconditioned?

The main reason people choose to recondition their battery packs is that it is significantly cheaper. Rather than paying several thousand dollars for the installation of a new battery, only a few cells may need to be replaced.  This makes it an ideal option in many situations, especially if you own an older-model hybrid. Please not, that due to the fact that most of the cells left in the vehicles high voltage hybrid battery will be the same age as the car, then the warranty period is often significantly reduced compared to putting in a new battery.


Signs your car’s battery may need reconditioning:

  • Battery warnings on the dashboard – You may notice a battery warning light or message on your car’s dashboard. This will often mean that there is a fault in your car’s battery pack which needs investigating.
  • Increased fuel consumption in hybrids – If you drive a hybrid, it is a good idea to keep an eye on how much fuel is being used. An increase in fuel use may point to defective battery cells which need replacement.
  • Charge dropping quickly – If there is a problem with your battery, it may discharge at an increased rate.

Problems with your high-voltage system aren’t always caused by the battery pack. Sometimes, they can be caused by damaged wiring.


High Voltage Battery Cell Repairs & Replacement in Hamilton

Are you having problems with your electric or hybrid vehicle’s battery? If so, we can help you. At Grimmer Motors, our mechanics are experts in servicing and repairing electric and hybrid vehicles. Our powerful diagnostic tools also allow us to quickly identify and fix faults in your car’s battery pack. For hybrid and electric vehicle battery repairs in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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