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    Trailer WOFs

    Why do Trailers need WoFs? In order to legally use a trailer on New Zealand roads, the trailer must have...


    Grimmer Motors – Summer News 2017

    Drive Safe this Summer During summer, New Zealand roads receive more traffic than any other time of the year. As...


    Family Friendly Hamilton Mechanics

    Child Friendly Environment At Grimmer Motors, we have a clean, child-friendly reception with several different toys for your kids to...


    Basic Car Audio Installation and Repair Hamilton

    Basic Car Audio Solutions in Hamilton Removing and replacing car audio components can often be difficult and confusing. At Grimmer...


    Pass your Restricted Driving Test the First Time

    According to a recent report, the average pass rate for restricted licences in New Zealand was 58%. Due to the...


    Make an old car run like a new car

    For many people, there is a certain appeal about owning an older car. Unfortunately, owning an older vehicle often means...


    Why Choose Grimmer Motors?

    Picking a Mechanic – What mistakes do people make? There are several common mistakes people make when selecting a mechanic...


    Hybrid Battery Replacement in Hamilton

    Hamilton’s #1 Hybrid Repair Workshop Hybrid vehicles are great. They use significantly less petrol than traditional petrol vehicles, saving their...

    Immobiliser Fault Repairs in Hamilton

    Do you have problems with your immobiliser? Your vehicle’s immobiliser is a powerful security component that stops your car from...


    Car Vibration Inspection & Repair in Hamilton

    Is your vehicle vibrating while you drive? A shaking or vibrating vehicle can be caused by several different problems. Some...

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