About the shock absorbers:

The shock absorbers are a key part of your car’s suspension system. Their purpose is to absorb impacts, improving your car’s comfort and stability. Shock absorbers are mechanical or hydraulic devices which absorb movement and convert it to thermal energy, which is then dissipated. This allows your car’s wheels to stay on the ground, improving stability and control.

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Is a shock absorber replacement important?

Although not essential to vehicle operation, the shock absorbers are still important and should be replaced sooner rather than later.

A damaged shock absorber will affect the comfort of your vehicle. It will also accelerate the wear of other parts such as tyres. Tyre wear can lead to an expensive replacement, so it should be avoided as much as possible. Although you will still be able to drive your car, there will be noticeable issues with its stability, which can affect you and your passengers safety.


How long do shock absorbers last?

The exact lifespan of shock absorbers varies depending on several factors. These include how often the car is driven, the conditions of roads you drive on and the type of shock absorbers installed.

In general driving conditions, you can expect your shock absorbers to last at least 50,000 km.

Certain things can wear your shock absorbers quickly. These include:

  • Roads with cracks, bumps, port holes and inconsistencies.
  • Sudden shocks or impacts, like driving over a speed bump too quickly.
  • Worn or incorrectly inflated tyres.


Signs of shock absorber damage:

  • Uneven tyre wear Damaged or worn shock absorbers are unable to keep the tyres firmly on the surface of the road. This leads to them bouncing and uneven and increased wear.
  • Vibrations while driving – A failing shock absorber will not absorb all bumps properly. This will result in noticeable vibrations that can be felt through the steering wheel.
  • Problems while braking – When a shock absorber fails, it may cause the vehicle to swerve or nose-dive while braking. This is because the weight of the vehicle is shifting more, causing unexpected brake behaviour.
  • Leaking fluid – When fluid leaks, the shock absorber will not be able to function properly. Look under your car for leaks coming from the side of the shock.
  • Shock absorber bushes worn – the shock absorber bushes are subject to high pressures and can perish and wear out over time.

Please Note – if your shock absorbers are worn in any way, they may fail a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) and need to be replaced.


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