Image result for electric carBattery electric cars, or BEVs, use stored electricity in a battery pack to power an electric motor. This turns the wheels of the car. When exhausted, or emptied of energy, these batteries are recharged using grid electricity, from a wall socket or a charging unit, which can be installed at home or found in public. Since this type of vehicle does not use gasoline or diesel and is powered solely by electricity, BEVs are categorized as “all-electric” or “pure electric” vehicles.


Do electric cars produce emissions?

Since BEV’s do not have a tailpipe, they don’t produce tailpipe or exhaust pollution. However, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, “the electricity they use may produce heat-trapping gases and other pollution at the source of its generation or in the extraction of fossil fuels. The amount of pollution produced depends on how the electricity is made.”

According to findings in the United States, BEVs charged from even the “dirtiest coal-dominated grid” still produce less pollution than their gasoline-powered predecessors. What makes Battery Electric Cars even better is that when powered by renewable energy sources such as wind or solar, they are virtually emission-free. This is great news for New Zealanders, with 80% of our energy being renewable.


How do electric/hybrid cars generate energy?

Regenerative braking is utilized in both electric and hybrid vehicles. When you apply the brakes, a lot of energy is produced. Regenerative braking is a process of converting kinetic energy into electricity. This energy is then used to power the car’s electric powertrain.

BEVs, as well as hybrid vehicles, minimize wasted energy by turning the engine off when stopped and by charging the battery when braking – called regenerative braking. Electric motors are also more energy-efficient than gasoline or diesel engines.


Charging an electric car is becoming easier than ever

Battery Electric Vehicles are easily chargeable at home or in public, with the growing installation of public charging stations! They also mean that you will never have to stop a gas station again, especially if you choose to charge your vehicle at home overnight.


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