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The transmission is one of the heaviest parts of your vehicle. Because of this, it usually requires several mounts to support it. These mounts hold the transmission firmly in place by firmly connecting it to the frame of your vehicle. The transmission mounts also absorb shocks and vibrations, reducing the amount of vibration caused by the transmission.

Transmission mounts are usually made from steel or heavy-duty rubber. These materials are designed to last for a long time, however, the large amounts of strain a transmission mount is put under can cause it to eventually fail and need replacement.


Why do transmission mounts fail?

There are several common causes associated with damage to the transmisison mounts or engine mounts. These include:

  • Aggressive driving and gear changes – Your driving habits can affect how long the transmisison mounts last. Sudden or improper application of gears can lead to increased wear.  To maximise the life of transmisison components such as mounts, try to minimise the stress put on your gearbox while driving.
  • Damage caused by impacts – An insecure transmission is often caused by impacts from underneath the vehicle, which cause damage to the mounts. An example of this is driving over a speed bump or raised railroad crossing too quickly. Extend the life of your transmission by taking bumps slowly.
  • Uneven wear – Once one mount begins to fail, all of the others will begin to wear at an accelerated rate. This is due to increased/uneven amounts of stress being put on the other mounts. To prevent uneven wear, mechanics will often recommend that all transmission mounts are replaced at the same time.


Symptoms of transmisison mount damage:

  • Increased vibrations – A loose transmission can lead to powerful vibrations as the transmission moves around from beneath your vehicle.
  • Thumping noises – Sudden acceleration or braking may cause a loud thump to occur from beneath your vehicle. This happens due to the transmisison moving around and making contact with other components.
  • Damage to other parts – The “thumping” mentioned above is the result of the heavy transmission impacting other components. This can lead to these parts being damaged.
  • Shaking during start-up – In front-wheel drive vehicles, a common sign of worn transmission mounts is the vehicle rocking back and forth when it is started.


Have you failed your Warrant of Fitness due to transmission mounts?

Faulty, damaged or worn transmission mounts can lead to an unsafe and unstable transmission. For this reason, the stability and condition of your car’s transmission mounts will be assessed each time you take your car in for a WOF.

If you have failed your Warrant of Fitness due to excessive movement in the transmission/gearbox, the transmission mounts may need to be replaced.

Learn more about WOF requirements for the engine and transmission


Should all transmission mounts be replaced at the same time?

The number of mounts that should be replaced varies depending on their condition. Replacing only one mount at a time will not cause immediate damage and can often be more cost-efficient. However, it can cause the mounts to wear unevenly. When one mount begins to fail, increased wear will occur on all of the others too.

Replacing all of the mounts at once may also save you money by reducing labour times.

When you bring your car to Grimmer Motors, we can assess the condition of your mounts and give you honest, accurate advice on what needs to be replaced.


Transmission Mount Replacement & Wof Repairs in Hamilton

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