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The service brake acts as the primary means of slowing down or stopping your vehicle. On most cars, the service brake will be a brake pedal which slows down the car by pushing the brake pads against the brake discs. If any part of your braking system ceases to function correctly, the safety of your car will be affected. This is because the time it takes to stop your car will increase. For this reason, fully functional service brakes are a Warrant of Fitness requirement.


Why did your service brake cause you to fail a Warrant of Fitness?

There are several components that work together in order to slow your car down. If any of these components don’t work correctly, you will fail your WOF. Below are some of the most common reasons for failure:

Brake pedal – Problems in the brake pedal can prevent the rest of the braking system from being affected by your input. It may cause a failed Warrant of Fitness if:

  • A spongy or resistant brake pedal (usually linked to air in your braking system)
  • Excessive travel (the pedal goes too far down)
  • Insecure or loose brake pedal
  • Brake pedal “creeps” down towards the floor under your foot
  • Brake fluid leaking from the brake master cylinder
  • Brake pedal feels hard and unresponsive, meaning you have to press really hard on the brake pedal to stop the car under braking. This is normally caused by a faulty brake booster or brake booster vacuum leak.


Brake hoses – The brake hoses form a connection between the brake pedal and the rest of your braking system. They may cause you to fail a Warrant of Fitness for the following reasons:

  • Holes or tears in the brake hoses causing brake fluid to leak out
  • A brake hose that is twisted, corroded, bulging or damage in a way that can affect its operation.

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Brake pads and discs – Brake pads are used to create friction by pressing against the brake discs / rotors. This friction slows your vehicle. Brake pads and discs can cause a failed Warrant of Fitness for the following reasons:

  • The brake pad or disc is worn to a point where it needs replacement
  • The brake pad or disc is contaminated by brake fluid, oil or grease
  • The brake pad or disc is no longer secured properly.
  • The brake disc / rotors are worn or damaged

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Car Brake Adjustment, Replacement and WOF Work in Hamilton

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