Rear Windscreen Wipers

The rear windscreen wiper is used to clean and clear the rear window for better visibility. The stalk switch to turn on the windscreen wiper is usually located on the left-hand side of the steering wheel (for Japanese and Korean cars – often the other side for European cars). In poor weather conditions, the rear windscreen wiper provides a clear vision through your rearview mirror’s line of sight. 

Not all vehicles need a rear windscreen wiper because of the model and shape of their car. Rear wipers usually come standard on SUVs and hatchbacks. Cars that don’t require them, are because their rear ends taper off more smoothly, the airflow can travel across the surface more directly. Which in result removes water and dirt sitting on the surface.

If needed on your vehicle a rear windscreen wiper is very important. It ensures that you have good visibility out of your rear window. Having visibility out of your rear window is crucial, whether that is for reversing or being aware of who is driving behind and around you. 


Signs that you need to fit new wiper blades

  • Skipping

your blade is skipping across the windscreen

  • Streaking

streaks of water can be left because your blade isn’t making contact with the glass correctly

  • Dirty Windshield

the rear wiper blade isn’t cleaning your rear windscreen and isn’t wiping away bugs and dirt

  • Bouncing 

wiper is bouncing due to it being either too dry or the blades are wearing unevenly

  • Season Changes

with icy and snowy conditions it is best to change your rear wiper blade before winter

  • Scratching Sound

scratching sound when your wiper blade is on, it is because the blade might be worn down and the metal of the wiper blade is hitting the glass.

  • Bent Frame

if the frame is bent it won’t make contact with your rear windshield


Why your rear windshield wiper isn’t working?

Wiper blade is torn

Your windshield wipers will work well if the wiper blade is in good condition. If the rear wiper blade is damaged and the rubber edges are torn, then the wiper will not make proper contact with the windscreen to clear the water and debris away. Wiper blades deteriorate over time through regular use and the changes of the seasons. If your rear wiper blade is torn or deteriorating it is best to replace it for optimal visibility. 

The wiper motor has failed

The windscreen wiper motor is an electrical motor. It can short out or fail unexpectedly, this will require it to be replaced. If your wiper motor fails it is best to get it replaced straight away to ensure that the moisture and debris are cleared from your rearview windscreen. 

Wiper pivot nuts are loose

The wiper nuts on a pivot are what connect the wiper arms to the wiper transmission. The wiper arms are secured by a nut. If that nut is loose the wiper motor will turn the pivot but the wiper arm won’t move. The wiper arms may move slightly when the wiper direction changes, but it does not wipe the windshield. If you’re are having this problem, make sure to tighten the wiper pivot nuts.

Weather conditions (ice or snow)

Windshield wipers are made to remove small amounts of snow and ice. However, if there is too much snow or the rear windscreen has iced over, it can bend your blade. This can cause your blade to skip or strip at the pivot, and the wiper motor can get damaged. Remove heavy snow or ice from your windscreen before using your rear wiper blade.

Fuse is burnt out 

 If the wiper motor is overloaded the fuse burns out. The fuse will burn out first to protect the wiper motor from overloading. Heavy snow or the wiper arm being caught on something can cause the fuse to blow. If your fuse has blown out it is best to get the fuse replaced by a mechanic. 


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Rear Windscreen Wiper Replacement / Installation in Hamilton

It is important to have full visibility while driving and reversing, especially out of your rear windscreen. To ensure you have optimal visibility make sure your rear windscreen wiper is operating correctly. If you are having issues with your rear wiper blade or need it to be replaced come into Grimmer Motors. At Grimmer Motors you can trust our reliable and experienced mechanics to replace your rear wiper blade.

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