How often should you change your wiper blades?

It is recommended that you change your wiper blades every 6 to 12 months. The rubber on windshield wipers deteriorates over time from UV sunlight, mold and temperature extremes, making the blades less effective. 


Signs that you need to refill your wiper blades


  • Skipping

If your blades are skipping across the windscreen, it is because the blades are worn out and have possibly not been used in a while.


  • Dirty Windshield

When your wiper blades aren’t cleaning your windscreen and aren’t wiping away bugs and dirt, then it is time to replace them.


  • Bouncing 

If your wipers are bouncing it will be because it is either too dry or the blades are wearing unevenly.


  • Season Changes (depending on your location)

Depending on your location, if you live somewhere with icy and snowy conditions then it is best to change your blades before winter. The cold temperatures and frozen windshields sometimes require specially designed winter blades. 


  • Scratching Sound

If you can hear a scratching sound when your wiper blades are on, it is because the blade might be worn down and the metal of the wiper blade is hitting the glass. When you notice this unusual sound you should replace your blades immediately, before it causes other damage.


  • Streaking

Good wiper blades should clear the water off your windscreen easily. If you are having streaks of water left, it is because your blades aren’t making contact with the glass. Everyday use or something hitting the blade can cause the streaking. You may also want to check that you have plenty of clean water and windscreen wiper cleaner additive in your windscreen wiper washer bottle.


  • Bent Frames

The metal part of your wipers can get damaged or bent for many reasons. If the frame is bent it won’t make contact with your windshield. Even if the blades seem to be working fine they will need to be replaced sooner or later.


How to make your wipers last longer?

  • Lift your wiper blades when it snows
  • Clean your wiper blades with washer fluid 
  • Don’t operate your wipers dry
  • Check the rubber
  • Keep washer fluids topped up with quality additives to clean the windscreen
  • Don’t use our blades to de-ice/ frost your windshield


At Grimmer Motors we stock two types of wiper blade refills, a Standard refill, and an European refill. 


  • Standard Refill

Our standard wiper refills are 100% rubber and are suitable for most cars. The standard refills are the most commonly used refills for vehicles. 


  • European Refill

Our European wipers have been engineered for curved windshields, have maximum performance and durability. The European wiper is lower profile and out of view, it is often used on European, American, and Asian vehicles. 


Wiper Blades Hamilton

If your wiper blades are needing replacing, need a wiper repair or a new blade refill, then Grimmer Motors have you sorted. We can supply and fit the wiper refills/ blades for you. 


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