There’s nothing more annoying than windscreen wipers that leave marks and smears all over your windscreen. The marks on your windscreen can limit your vision of the road and make driving difficult. Fortunately, this problem is often cheap and easy to fix.

Most of the time, a wiper replacement will solve this problem. This will allow for improved vision of the road in front of you and much greater safety in rainy weather. Don’t wait to replace your wipers. Act now and improve your car’s safety.


Common Causes of wipers not cleaning windscreen properly:

Worn out windscreen wipers

The most common reason for wipers leaving marks on your windscreen is that they are worn and due for replacement. For maximum safety, we suggest that you replace them at least once every year.

Common signs of worn wiper blades include:

  • Marks on your windscreen.
  • Scraping noises when the wipers are in motion.
  • Splitting of the rubber blade.
  • Mold / dirt in wiper blades

Dirt particles on your wipers

Contaminants such as dirt, sand, mud and leaves can become stuck on your wipers. When these contaminants mix with water, they can leave large, dirty marks on your windscreen.

To resolve this problem, give your wipers and windscreen a good clean, removing anything that is stuck beneath your wipers. Manually move the wipers and inspect the underside of them, removing anything that is stuck. Standard car washes can often miss these small dirt particles and debris.

Wipers are incorrectly placed or aligned

If the wipers are not aligned correctly on the windshield, they can leave marks or streaks as they move back and forth. If there is something obstructing the wipers, such as a small piece of debris or a sticker, it can cause the wipers to leave marks or streaks on the windshield.

Wipers Making Loud Noises

Your wiper blades may be producing squeaking, juddering or scratching sounds. Causes of a loud wiper assembly include:

  • Worn wiper blades – if the windscreen wipers are over six months old, have them replaced.
  • Loose wiper assembly – The wipers may be producing noise because they are in need of tightening.
  • Lack of moisture on windscreen – the wipers move a lot more smoothly when lubricated. Squirt wiper fluid onto your windscreen during hot, dry weather.
  • Windscreen in need of cleaning – Give your windscreen regular cleans to remove any grime build-ups. These can cause interference.


How often do wipers need replacing?

The frequency at which windshield wipers need to be replaced can vary based on several factors, including the climate, usage, and the type of wiper blades installed. As a general guideline for cars in New Zealand, it is recommended to replace windshield wipers approximately every six months to a year. However, if they start exhibiting any of the problems listed above, you may want to replace them sooner.

The best time to replace your wipers is leading into winter. This ensures you can start the colder seasons with great visibility during the rainy weather.

Windscreen Wiper Repair in Hamilton

A clean windscreen allows you to clearly see what’s in front of you, especially in winter. At Grimmer Motors, we are happy to diagnose and repair any windscreen wiper related problems, improving the overall safety of your vehicle. We can also make sure your windscreen wipers don’t produce any annoying noise while you are using them.

For all wiper-related problems, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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