About the suspension system:

Your car’s suspension system maximises the friction between your tyres and the road. This allows the car to maintain contact with the road at all times. This increases the control you have over your car, improving its safety and driveability.  

Your car suspension system matters the most when you are driving down bumpy roads and around corners. It allows your car to absorb the forces that are being applied to your wheels. Without a functional car suspension system, your car becomes difficult and dangerous to drive Therefore all car suspension components can be failed for a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) if they are worn, damaged or missing. 


Causes of suspension problems

The suspension consists of several different parts. These include:

  • Car shock absorbers  
  • Car strut towers.
  • Car shock absorber bushings 
  • Car tie rod
  • Car tie rod end
  • Car sway bar and car sway bar bushes
  • Car suspension / coil springs
  • Car ball joints
  • Car leaf springs (for older cars and for trailers)

Damage to any of these components can affect the way your car absorbs bumps and handles braking and corner. Common problems include:

Worn shock absorbers – The shock absorbers are under constant pressure when you drive. Eventually, they can wear or your car shock absorber can leak affecting the way your car brakes, absorbs bumps and how your car handles around corners. Car shock asborbers prevent your car from bouncing.   

Damaged coil springs – The coil springs can become loose,broken or damaged. This can result in the vehicle tilting to one side, or more  bouncing while you are driving.

Damaged shock absorber bushings – Shock absorber bushings are mounted to your shock absorbers, improving their ability to absorb bumps and and helping the car to steer more smoothly. Often when car shock absorber bushes wear you will hear an annoying rattle from the affected car shock absorber. 


Symptoms of damaged shock absorbers:

Increased bouncing – When going over bumps, you may notice that your car is bouncing up and down, taking a few seconds to properly recover from the change. This is often do to failing shock absorbers or a damaged coil spring.

Car handles poorly in corners – if your car front or rear shock absorbers are leaking or not working correctly you may find cornering more difficult as the car may roll or bounce more in corners.

Uneven tyre wear – You may find that one or more of your tyres is wearing more quickly than the rest. This is because your suspension system is applying more weight to one side of your vehicle or your suspension is worn allowing the wheel to be on the wrong angle. 

How to tell your tyres are worn >

Leaking shock absorbers -If you  see any fluid / oil around your car shocks , it could be caused by a leaking shock absorber. A leak can cause the shocks to lose their ability to absorb energy. 

Vibrating steering wheel – Your steering wheel may vibrate while you are driving. This is often caused by a damaged front shock absorber, a loose suspension component, or your front wheels out of balance. 


New Car Suspension & Replacement in Hamilton

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